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Refined Design Of Classic Dining Room

Katrina Antonovich - Top Architect And Interior Designer

Katrina Antonovich - Top Architect And Interior Designer


Massive chandeliers, spacious room place, soft color palettes and functionality — these are the main trends that our designers from Luxury Antonovich Design have been guided by when they were creating the interior of this beautiful dining room. Royal blue and white colors add to the atmosphere of dining room some tenderness, and gold elements give the interior a feeling of luxury and wealth.

Smooth bends of luxurious chairs, decorated with fine wood carvings with gilding, collected at a massive wooden table, respond in mirrors, which are comfortably located opposite the headset. Chandeliers in form of candelabra symmetrically reflect the shape of the table, hanging over it. The warm shade in the decoration of the walls and ceiling completes the overall picture of calm, comfort and convenience.


Blue is one of the most popular colors for dining room design. It was chosen by our designers as an accent color to add ocean space and depth to the room. Fully faced with light beige paneled walls, soft textures, as well as the decor of fresh flowers and candles placed throughout the room, is an example of a classic dinging room design.

The idea of our designers from Luxury Antonovich Design, who developed the concept of curved chairs, a huge dining table and chandeliers, deserves special attention. An interesting combination of soft upholstery texture with multifaceted mirrors and cool blue shades in the interior gives the room elegance and special chic.

Amazing floor design by Luxury Antonovich Design is harmoniously integrated into the interior composition of this luxurious dining room. Floor decor in black colors always looks stylish and spectacular. Marble floor in the dining room from Luxury Antonovich Design is made of marble slabs, divided into squares and decorated with geometric patterns. Smooth curves of furniture and decoration on the walls follow the lines of marble surfaces on the floor. Glossy black floor in this amazingly luxurious dining room, reflecting objects, visually pulls the room vertically.

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