Luxurious Master Bedroom Design

Katrina Antonovich - chief designer of Luxury Antonovich Design
Katrina Antonovich - chief designer of Luxury Antonovich Design


Baroque style is one of the most luxurious and richly complex decor styles. This is what strikes the eye. Baroque style master bedroom by Luxury Antonovich Design has its own characteristics of the formation of the interior, in many ways charismatic, individual and not similar to anything else. Just look at the bed and you can immediately see the carved details that are difficult to make. It is very significant to note here the royal size headboard, decorated with different patterns covered with gold. An integral part of the design of this master bedroom are the long legs of complex shapes for each cabinet, bedside tables, trellis, bed, chairs and other furniture.

Large moldings and pilasters, massive framed mirrors, an abundance of gilding in the decoration of walls, ceiling and furniture, a chandelier with crystal pendants, lambrequins and sculptures — everything in the interior shows that the owner, like designers from Luxury Antonovich Design, did not want to restrain the passion for magnificent luxury.


The design of this master bedroom by Luxury Antonovich Design combines both elements of traditional baroque and inspired elements of other similar styles. Traditional here are the ottoman, before the bed, two bedside tables, covered with gilding, lamps with a complex in shape gilded decoration.

The presence of baroque in the beautiful design of this master bedroom is reflected not only in the design of furniture, but also in the decoration of the walls. Our designers from Luxury Antonovich Design decided to decorate the walls with gilded stucco and bas-reliefs. Gypsum is used for decoration both, walls and ceiling. The decoration is sophisticated and luxurious. Also in the interior were used panels of valuable wood. The ceiling space is designed in the form of a two-tier structure; a small board around the perimeter of the walls only enhances the perception of the finish image. To the traditional stucco is added graphic drawings and patterns.

Perfectly selected furniture by our professionals combines amazing royal blue color with gold. The bed, sofa and part of the armchairs and chairs have blue trim and gold-plated arms and legs; This blue ensemble is diluted with a huge amazing carpet and a pair of beige chairs. Armchairs Bergere easily fit into this classic bedroom space. In the design of the windows were used satin and velvet with the use of accessories in the form of brushes, cords and grabs that adorn the lambrequins.