Classic Kitchen Design In Provence Style

Katrina Antonovich - best designer in Luxury Antonovich Design

Katrina Antonovich —  famous interior designer in UAE


A classic-style kitchen is a universal solution for all times. To the classics in the interior, people are conservative, stable, self-confident and in their tomorrow, they know a lot about practicality and comfort of everyday life. The kitchen interior in classic style from Luxury Antonovich Design disposes to a pleasant start to the day, everything is saturated with aristocracy, grace and refinement. Every detail and every element is an exquisite, majestic and elegant decor, aimed at decorating and transforming the space.

The kitchen interior is a bright representative of a wonderful style in the best traditions of Italian masters. Our Luxury Antonovich Design specialists have tried to make the kitchen according to all the canons of this stylistic direction with the addition of light notes of provenance by individual order. Different pilasters, decorated woodcarving and an abundance of golden decor brings a festive mood to the interior of the kitchen.


Wood — warm, noble and natural, strict geometry lines that bring simplicity and restraint into the room, and natural ecological materials — everything radiates comfort and beauty. The unique interior design of the kitchen, which was created by our company Luxury Antonovich Design and decorated with various pilasters, decorative carvings, capitals and balusters. The color scheme of the interior is presented by bright, natural and calm paints. This project uses the traditional color palette, which mixes different shades of white: from cream to beige. Paneled facades of solid wood of precious breeds are painted in amazing champagne color and are patched in gold. In the decoration of furniture are widely used glass inserts and stained-glass, which gives the facades lightness and elegance.

A powerful kitchen hood was built by our professionals from Luxury Antonovich Design into a special decorative niche and tied to the decorative elements that make it one of the main composite elements of the kitchen. A decorative console-eaves with a carved baguette and gold moldings are made above the Roman curtains.

This wonderful kitchen island with high soft chairs, used to furnish this room, replaces the dining table. Kitchen island on one side can be used as a bar counter. This technique is used to save the kitchen space. High cream-colored chairs, due to their decoration, themselves serve as a good decoration of the kitchen interior.