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Incredible Dubai Renovation Project: Before & After Photos


Our home is a sanctuary where we can do deep relaxation with peace of mind after a very long day of work, school, traffic, and other personal activities that we do in our daily routine. We always wanted to have the most beautiful home where we can see the reflection of ourselves through its interior design and decorations. It also indeed boost the calmness and comfort knowing that you are finally on your safest ground that fills with happiness and the people and things that you truly love. Maintaining the beauty and orderliness in our home is what we always wanted to achieve. However, over the years has come, there are several events and occasions that are being held at home. During the pandemic season, every family would like to stay at home rather than go outside for the families’ safety against the virus. There will be surely a time when our homes and villas should undergo renovations or redecorations. In this article, Luxury Antonovich Design Company has shared important points and facts about how their specialist is able to perform the villa renovations and create beautiful homes.

Elegant bathroom upgrade in Dubai renovation


The house may be considered as a permanent or temporary shelter however; as it stands as our shelter, it is always being required to have the most comfortable environment and turn it into our very own sanctuary. Spacious areas in the interior may allow you to achieve house construction concepts that would be impossible to accomplish in even the most spacious flat. Not only may a gaming room, a swimming pool, a gym, and other amenities be found on the property of the house.

Stylish bedroom redesign in Dubai renovation project

Luxurious living room transformation in Dubai renovation

Modern kitchen makeover in Dubai renovation project

Luxury Antonovich Design Company offers house remodeling services offers nearly endless options to put all of your ideas into action. All forms of fit-out works are included in our services, starting with the façade and rebuilding of outside decorating to improve the aesthetic features of the facade, and ending with interior decoration and establishing an exceptional design for each clients specific project. You may hire us to renovate your home in Dubai or any other city in the United Arab Emirates. We work all around the United Arab Emirates.

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