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Experience Elegance with Luxury Antonovich Design Renovation Services


Luxury Antonovich Design, as it is the only interior fit-out company UAE that has the full ability to perform the most exceptional design executions and implementations with the highest standards of renovation and interior fit-out developments. With Luxury Antonovich Design, every residential property that requires a high-end renovation service is being planned systematically to be able to perform the most concrete and sustainable structural design. From then the renovations and complete fitout work is being plotted by its in-house top professional interior designers, architect, and project managers that will bring out tall the best interior design and architecture arrangement according to the client requirement.

Impressive office space renovation by Luxury Antonovich Design

Luxury Antonovich Deisgn is very well known internationally as the best provider of the most luxurious interior design setting, especially for the classical and Royal Style concept. By providing the full fitout & interior design for every project, Luxury Antonovich Design has been recognized as the best fit-out company in Dubai. Developing every interior design by bringing out the best services in fit-out and renovations, Luxury Antonovich Design is the company that always stands out among the top interior fitout companies in UAE. Aside from the greatest design solutions towards renovation and fitout work, the company and its team have been also well known as the most outstanding joinery fitout company in Dubai. Joinery works and services involve a very systematic and methodological procedure which only a professional and expert team has the full ability to deliver exactly according to every requirement of the project.

Stunning living room transformation by Luxury Antonovich Design

Sophisticated bathroom redesign by Luxury Antonovich Design

Luxury Antonovich Design's breathtaking kitchen makeover


Among the best interior fit-out companies in Dubai, only Luxury Antonovich Design has the full capability to perform the most outstanding interior fit-out solutions. As the company offers complete project developments, the team always assures that every project is being accomplished with a completely hassle-free and cost-efficient experience towards its owner. From the systematic planning, arrangement of layout, 3D design, interior design implementations, project executions, fit-out work, renovations, selection of furniture, choosing the best materials up to the installations stage, and fixing, Luxury Antonovich Design guarantees to perform the finest and absolute solutions to be able to reach the most successful turnkey stage. With all the interior fit-out companies in Dubai, only luxury Antonovich Design has its own manufacturing and factory that supplies the complete furniture, joinery works, decorations, curtains, lighting, chandeliers, and accessories that complete every interior mood the most fascinating and stylish.

Elegant bedroom renovation by Luxury Antonovich Design experts

Renovation works in Dubai indeed require a very meticulous and systematic method of development, wherein the property will be having the most ideal design to achieve a more convenient and satisfying setup. Luxury Antonovich Design is equipped with different high definition of technologies which is being used to perform more effective and efficient work which is being operated with the skilled and professional team. When it comes to fit-out and renovation works in Dubai, indeed Luxury Antonovich Design is the best company that will absolutely bring out the best improvements that every client needs.

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