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There is really something about navy blue and gold that makes your room even more luxurious. This color combination is one of the favorites of many people and we definitely agree because they are gorgeous and at the same time luxurious to look at. When you combine these colors in your room, you will come up with a dazzling interior design that shows elegance and sophistication. This color combination, when used properly in your furniture set, will also make your room even more charming. There is no reason for you not to use these colors. It is very gender-neutral and we are sure that gold and navy blue would look good to any genders, be it for a man or a woman or a couple. Aside from these two colors, we also added a clean look of white. We all know that white is a good addition to basically anything that is why it is a no brainer that white is also every interior designer’s favorite to use as an accent color.

Katrina Antonovich - Luxury Designer for Prime Designs

Luxury Antonovich Design put all their efforts in creating a brilliant bedroom interior design that shows royal furniture in every corner. If you look closely, the tables are designed with glossy gold pattern in beautiful shape. The base is gold but the top layer remains white. This bedroom interior design is a living room on its own. If you have a spacious house, then it is an opportunity for you to have a better furniture set that goes a long way. On the other photos, you will see the stunning and well-arranged sofa set with television. You can have your rest time here while watching your favorite movies or series. This is also done separately to have. better privacy especially for couples who wish to have their alone time. Luxury Antonovich Design also came up with a proper furniture arrangement for this huge master bedroom interior design. Each and every piece of material used are all in good quality and are world-class. From the chairs to the tables and all the furniture that you see in this room are surely wonderful.

The bed has a simple look but goes beyond luxury. Its minimalist style is very nice to look at. The headboard is also beautiful, and as mentioned earlier; the color combination of navy blue and white works best on any occasion. The carpet is also designed to add more variation to the simplicity of the bed, and it sure does. The design is abstract. This carpet is made exclusively for the clients of Luxury Antonovich Design. We have a wide range of carpet that is designed from the most complex to the simplest design that could match your home.

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