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Gorgeous Pink Bedroom Set


Queen sized bed and all the beauty in this bedroom interior design is luxurious and spacious! Luxury Antonovich Design has always created a new and trendy interior design that comes in a wide range of style with the most qualified materials for the betterment of one’s good night sleep. Our interior design team took all the needed requirements in the field of design that is why every design that we create are all unique and uncommon. This pink bedroom that is surely fit for a lady is everyone’s dream bedroom because of its color. Not only that, the colors in this bedroom interior are all combined beautifully to make sure that the room has an elegant atmosphere and your deserves. Luxury Antonovich Design is the company of choice by many when it comes to interior design and now is the time to contact us to make sure that you will get an appointment very soon. Contact us today and talk to us for your next home interior design!

Katrina Antonovich - Furniture Designer in Bedrooms

This pink bedroom design is created in a way where each part of the room looks unique with each other, but when combined it creates a very elegant theme of pink which is because of its beautiful colors. The walls behind the headboard are just magnificently crafted. The details of the circles are stunning. It goes from floor to ceiling which is very nice to look at. The bed’s headboard is in full pink beauty with rectangle shape design that creates a nice addition to the already beautiful bed. Luxury Antonovich Design is also a team that could create any types of bed. This pink bed set is the next one when you visit our showroom. The design is well-executed and the colors when combined together come up with a stunning ambiance and theme. Its beautiful layering is cool to look at and we are sure that you will love sleeping here even more because of its magnificent and elegant colors.

The furniture set of this pink bedroom interior design also adds value to every part of the room. Its beautiful chandelier is in full gold glam that will definitely grab attention when seen by your visitors. The clean pink curtains are also nice to have because of its nice details. The chairs and tables added a cool tone to the bedroom interior design. This spacious pink bedroom will be your girl’s favorite because of its completion. Luxury Antonovich Design has always been the top interior design company that could create a luxury design from any parts of the room. Our bedrooms are always the favorite of the many and this pink interior design could be yours when you message us today.

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