Palatial Dining Room Design


There’s something about a neoclassical design that reflects an elegant taste and style. It also has a bold appeal that is sexy and oozing with luxury. After all, who doesn't want musky wooden furniture paired with marble floors and amazing lighting? It brings you to reminisce about the classic era where all of the designs are artisan and elegant. The neoclassical style started from the 18th century which is still relevant in the interior designing these recent years. The trademark design of the neoclassical is all about symmetry, intricate decor, bold elements, muted palette, and also bold furniture pieces. We make sure to add a modern interior design element in this three-century-old style to keep your home updated with the latest trends. If you are one of those people who love this unique and elegant interior design then the neoclassical style is perfect for you. Here are some of the aspects that we used to achieve our vision in this latest dining room project.

  • Vintage Set: The dining set is the center of your dining room. Having a vintage or vintage-inspired set makes your dining room theme look bolder. Our interior design will revolve in this centerpiece which will complement the dining set. The gentle curves and sleek lines create a nice foundation for your dining room.
  • Details: We designed this kitchen with crown moldings that looks elegant but still adds a modern touch. Instead of adding pillars we choose to add wainscoting to give it a more updated look. As you can see we also applied this in the windows and arches in the kitchen to give it a nice touch of the classic look without making the room look or feel too old. 
  • Marble Flooring: As you can see the marble flooring in this home looks perfectly luxurious. Instead of putting a rug we added personalized and customized marble patterns aligned with the dining set. This creates a nice visual play and a perfectly balanced flooring design. The symmetrical floral prints create a dynamic and fun decor that is hard to resist. 


This dining room is a blissful and unique space for you to relax and have wonderous meals. The design is refined with contemporary decor and fixtures that make it look more attractive and amazing. The sculptures and the crystal chandelier creates an amazing luminous ambiance in the entire dining room. It complements the light color that of blue which gives the kitchen more romantic dining feels. Another statement in this kitchen is the customized Victorian print walls which make it look more classic which is what the theme of this kitchen is all about. The upholstery is lined with gold which keeps it look more luxurious and elegant. The upholstery also makes the kitchen look more personalized and unique. Feel free to let us know if you need an expert to help you with your dream kitchen design.