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Original Carpets Of Unusual Shapes And Design


Сarpet not only brings warmth and comfort to the house, but is also a powerful tool for interior design. As a rule, it occupies most of the floor and is located in the most prominent place. Of all the millions of carpet designs, Luxury Antonovich Design selects the most unexpected, demanded, interesting, stylish, exclusive designs. If you want to make your home interior unique, fill it with various designer products, our designers advise you to safely buy unusual carpets that are made in single copies or made to order by our designers. In Luxury Antonovich Design showroom for any zone in an apartment, house or office you can find carpets of unusual shapes — in the form of abstract shapes, polygonal figures and other various uneven shapes.

Katrina Antonovich - Design Leader Of Original Carpets

Round carpets, as well as oval or curved carpets, have been actively used in interior design. This carpet is usually medium in size. It looks perfect if the room already has a round table, a lamp or, for example, a pouf. Carpets with rounded corners from Luxury Antonovich Design perfectly cope with the task of identifying different areas in the room. It can be an alternative to a large carpet. Elite carpets of irregular shape have been produced by Luxury Antonovich Design for a long time. This carpet can be the perfect complement to your exclusive living room or bedroom.


Modern technologies allow our company to produce carpets of all kinds of materials and any size without limiting your imagination when choosing a design. There are no established rules when choosing a form, and recommendations always have exceptions, depending on the design task. Carpet of irregular shape from Luxury Antonovich Design:

— serves to create a creative space;

— suitable for rooms with different walls fit-out or highlighting intricate zones;

— an unusual form is often made to order.

Outlines of the floor affect the overall aesthetics of the room:

  • Circle:

✔ Quirky, playful, cozy and soft;

✔ Is used in a small space to visually enlarge it;

✔ Looks good paired with the same forms (furniture, chandelier);

✔ Must-have in a round room.

  • Square:

✔ Use in a square room;

✔ Combined with square tables;

✔ Combines a set of furniture, located on it and a group of tables.

  • Rectangle:

✔ Traditional win-win;

✔ Suitable for large rooms (living rooms, halls, offices);

Out stylists and designer advise you to experiment, do not adhere to stereotypes and standard decisions when creating your home interior, use unusual carpets and other decor items by Luxury Antonovich Design that will constantly delight you and your guests, evoking a lot of positive emotions and reviews about your exquisite and unique sense of taste.

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