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Majlis Design by professional interior designers


Classical Arab houses practiced having a secluded sitting area for their guests – it is called Majlis. The idea of having a separate sitting room is because of their culture that is very friendly and welcoming. It is an area in a home where visitors can lounge around privately. Over the years, the Majlis design has changed and evolved to a more modern look. Our team at Luxury Antonovich Design can create a grand Majlis with intricate design and elegance. We adapt to different kinds of style from traditional Islamic, Mediterranean, and even Moroccan. These are some of our cultural basis when it comes to Majlis design. The modern Majlis design shown in this blog incorporates elegance. Here are some of the characteristics of designing a modern Majlis. 

Majlis is a traditional design. It is suitable to hire a design company who understands how it functions. We have respect to culture and tradition that is why we see to it that we have a respectable design. We have three Rules when it comes to Majlis design. 

  • Understanding tradition: The of Islam said that having guests is a blessing. It is the reason behind the Majlis space. Having a separate space to welcome guests is important for Arabs – from then, until now.
  • Understanding the Design: The Arabs are known for being nomadic from their history. The first Majlis spaces were very simple and basic. As time passed, they started to adapt to a more luxurious look for their Majlis. 
  • Understanding Interior: The eastern style way back before was quite simple. But in mid-century, the designers started to apply a more luxurious design. The traditional themes of Majlis have sumptuous decor. Traditional elements are applied. Geometric patterns and so on. 

Many people think that Majlis design is just a room. The modern Majlis design is able to create new custom. We now present different Majlis designs in different houses. We create a room with an unconventional design to make it look personalized and more modern. Here are some of the ideas that we have for Majlis design. We divide it into two parts so you can have a better understanding of how our company creates Majlis spaces.

  • Architecture: The construction of a Majlis is quite easy. It is a single room that can accommodate a lot of furniture and fixtures. We make sure that we add a wide entrance for a welcoming feel. We make sure that the entire room is built with sturdy concrete and high-ceiling. 
  • Interior Design: The interior design of this Majlis in our latest project is a contemporary look. It has various ornaments of the traditional style manifested in patterns, even ceiling designs. We added a grand chandelier that creates a luminous feel in the entire room. We added a classic sofa in pairs to make sure that there will be a lot of places for guests to sit on. Feel free to send us a message if you want to have your very own Majlis space.

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