Have you ever pay attention to how a strong influence on your performance has environment? How easy and pleasant to work in the room, where the furniture is tastefully chosen and arranged in their places, and the interior is modern, light, not overloaded with decorations and color spots.

Interior decoration of chief's office has an influence on to its master and visitors. Psychologists have long noticed that the relationship between manager and subordinate is affected by the look of his office. Reputable companies give work on decoration offices of CEOs and top managers to the professionals. Best of all it makes the interior designer Catherine Antonovich. Dubai is the capital of the world in terms of the central offices of major companies. And here, to the office interior given special requirements.

Requirements for the design of the office

The main features, which can characterize a manager's office - it's comfort and prestige. Here, it should be directed to:

  • creating comfortable working conditions
  • create the image of the company and its leader

In the office of the head of placed items which are inappropriate in the offices for ordinary employees. On the walls are usually posted diplomas and certificates attesting to achieve both personally a manager, and the firm as a whole, the company's founders, and executives of state the portraits, paintings. Soften official atmosphere is possible by means of expensive accessories and corporate gifts.

Choice of style for the office

Pondering the style design for the office of the head, an interior designer usually makes a choice between the classic style with solid wooden furniture with leather upholstery and a popular high-tech style. Both options allow you to create a rigorous and formal interior, and fully meet the requirements to the office design.

Sometimes, the so-called "easy" style (elegant furniture made of light materials, a lot of glass and light) is chosen for the decoration of the office of the head. However, this is the exception rather than the rule. Such surroundings more suitable for the design of offices of advertising agencies and law firms. Whatever style is chosen, you should think carefully about what should be emphasized in the design of the office, and that it is better to hide from prying views.

If you need to equip the home office in an apartment, the limitations on the choice of interior style will be much less. You can sustain the same style, in which the other rooms are decorated in an apartment or come up with something more original. The main difference between working office of the rest of the rooms will be that furnishings must be customized for work and creativity.