Because a teenage girl considers herself already formed personality able to make independent decisions, it is important to develop the interior design of her room to take into account not only the opinion, the vision and the wishes of her parents but her own. After all, the room for the next ten years will be her own little world, in which she will spend her time to relax from the hustle and bustle, to relax, to grow, to dream ... just to live!
Experts of Luxury Antonovich Design Studio for more than 10 years working in the market of design and specializing in the creation of exclusive interior design of homes, with skill, canons, styles and new trends. With maximum attention and understanding will help to create for your young lady most optimal and comfortable the interior design of her room. The style, colors, and furniture to the smallest detail will be selected with utmost care, based on the preferences, tastes, desires, needs, interests, nuances of character and temperament of a teenage girl. Our creative team of professionals with pleasure will develop a project design for a child's room of a teenage girl in any of the existing styles or combinations thereof.We are always ready to suggest, share, advice, and adjust project, taking into account our experience, knowledge, and imagination, wishes and requirements of the customer. It is difficult to say which of the styles today is the most popular. Equally, remain relevant as contemporary styles so and classic.Most often, preference is given to areas such as the classic style and Art Deco.

Both styles include the use in the interior of the best and only natural materials - wood of the highest quality,  high-end stones, semi-precious metals, textiles, animal skins.

The color scheme chosen, depending on the designer's ideas and wishes of the customer. Classic style  bedroom paint ideas is characterized by warm, gentle, pastel colors: white (from the sparkling snow, up to milky), color roses, ivory, baked milk, cream, beige, pale lemon, light lavender, olive, navy, pastel blue, pale yellow. Art Deco room ideas characterized by saturated bright, bright colors and luster surfaces - gloss: white, black, purple, burgundy, purple, pink, green, blue, brown, yellow, silver, gold, leopard colors.  Selection of furniture.

Furniture used in the interior of the room for a teenage girl can be a simple, smooth or fancy, sinuous shapes.

Kids room ideas must be made of natural wood (ash, pine, chestnut, walnut and oak).It must certainly be comfortable, but at the same time, airily and light - low wardrobes, chests of drawers, cabinets, tables with drawers, bedside tables, chests, shelves. It is made of fine wood, with using natural soft leather, furs, expensive natural fabrics, semi-precious or precious stones, rhinestones, crystals and even feathers. Interior of a girl's room, in the style of Art Deco, not only to emphasize the high social level of property owner but also the presence of aesthetic taste. The refined taste, wich inherent to parents of the young owner of the room,  will turn your daughter out of the ordinary teenage girl in the royals.Furniture carved, gilded and lacquered - all by its appearance, will remind you of the luxurious halls of the Royal Palace ...
In the interior is luxurious precious fabrics used. For blinds  bedroom ideas and curtains is better to use fabrics, heavy, with a dense mass, and textures - silk, brocade, jacquard, but also used organza. An important and indispensable accessory in the interior of the room for a teenage girl is a mirror. It is not only beautiful decoration but also an item which, depending on its shape, optically changes the shape of the room - it extends and visually raise the ceiling. Mirrors make the room: a cozy, a sparkling, a beautiful, a bright, a spacious and an air-saturated. They very well concentrate light and reflect it. Into the mirror, you can look with joy, you can simply look into it. Reflection can also help to monitor the correctness of your movements when doing fitness, gymnastics, or the dance steps.

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