In elite residences, office interiors play a significant role. The office is essential for the right moment when you can devote time to your work.
When designing offices projects, interior designers of Luxury Antonovich Design catch that fine line where a home comfort and work environment smoothly combine and contribute to a fruitful creative process. Of course, the office style must comply with the overall design concept of the house. If the house interior is in classic style, the office design is implemented according to the rules of noble and aristocratic classics. Here you will see a beautiful stucco on the ceiling, sumptuous windows decoration and elite furniture, encrusted with gilded carved decoration and upholstered in delicate fabrics. The office interior in a modern style is characterized by original and colorful decor solutions and furniture configurations, remaining concise and restrained. The office interior in modern style is as bright as the rest of the house. Only here a festive atmosphere is a bit restrained by colors and furniture, limited use of mirrored panels. Becuase nothing should detract from a favorite work or hobby. The office's interiors can be in many different styles. In design projects from Luxury Antonovich Design Studio, they are united by a perfect combination of home coziness and comfortable working environment for creativity and new brilliant ideas that will bring new successes and achievements.
To create the perfect atmosphere for inspiration, where nothing distracts from the flight of thought, but only encourages creativity and brilliant ideas. Katrina Antonovich creates such office projects. In general, luxury office interior is designed from some elements. They are luxurious curtains, stylish furniture, elegant and stylish wall decoration. In relaxation moments, contemplation of the interior gives aesthetic pleasure and sets up a working mood. Office Design by Luxury Antonovich Design always perfectly matches the character of its owner.

We will create an office that would be ideal for creative inspiration and great ideas.

In the luxurious office, everything is satisfactory and majestic. Office Design will combine harsh business environment and the warmth of home comfort, and will come the ideal place for a favorite occupation or activity.