A family sitting room became an integral part of luxury villas design. Apart from the main sitting room on the first floor of a house, a part of a project is to create another one or two sitting areas for a family rest.

In each project of Luxury Antonovich Design, there is a trend of creating an absolute comfort with all wishes of customers.

Sitting room decoration continues the design concept of the whole house, but nevertheless, it has also got unique features. This sitting room decoration in Nigeria reflects all the charm of a modern classic. Despite a relatively small area of the sitting room, it looks decent, luxurious and respectable. The designers harmoniously continued in this part of the house all the tendencies of the interior decoration, which is inherent in the main sitting room, hall and other rooms.

First and foremost an elegant and festive ceiling decor impresses. Volume decorative plaster with light gilding shimmers under the light of crystal chandeliers. Light creamy shades dominate the sitting room decor. On the white marble, a soft natural carpet becomes an accent of warmth and comfort. Sofas and chairs upholstered in soft velvet of creamy color. A graceful emphasis on respectability and gentility became silk cushions with an elegant embroidery.

All sitting room ideas by Luxury Antonovich Design Studio please with their harmony and aesthetic perfection.

For windows decoration, the project authors proposed an elegant solution, i.e. beautiful silk curtains in soft blue hues. The unique artistic image of the sitting room interior is complemented by excellent decor items, as well as open showcases with internal illumination. This cozy place certainly amazes with its comfort and warmth.