The expensive kitchen is a luxury, a quintessence of high style, maximum convenience, and unsurpassed functionality. You could replace each of the materials used with a more cheap analog, but the inimitable beauty and subtlety of a single detail and the whole composition eloquently state that such splendor should be appreciated. However, to create a masterpiece is not enough to buy elite furniture for the kitchen, to select the best accessories and equipment - you need the author's approach of true professionals, which are designers of Luxury Antonovich Design. Their talent and rich experience combined with your vision of the future interior will be the beginning of the birth of a real work of art within the walls of your home.

Discover the benefits of an individual approach to creating an elite kitchen interior!

The work of a professional designer allows you to create more than just a kitchen: creating a unique interior, you will be able to feel its following advantages.

Every detail is a particle of total harmony. A truly stylish kitchen, made to order, is not only a carefully selected configuration and interior composition of individual sections of furniture. To make the design play each "side" of its unique appearance, a professional artist pays close attention to all used finishing materials, whether it be a finishing for a classic ceiling or a flooring in the spirit of "modern". Lighting items and textiles, dining furniture and household appliances - elite kitchens furniture to order from a true designer should meet the concept of decorating the entire house in every detail.

Perfect accuracy and maximum functionality. Regardless of what you decide - to buy the most expensive kitchen or choose the price that suits you - the organicity of the created space will remain an undoubted advantage, where each element - the facade material and table tops, wall decoration and interior lighting system - meets the general concept.Designers of Luxury Antonovich Design project furniture in the modern style in exact accordance with the size of the room and layout features. Hide uncomfortable niches and boxes, emphasize the grandeur of classical columns, gracefully decorate front view of panoramic glazing - all this is only possible for true professionals.

Infinity of creative experiments. Elite kitchen furniture requires the most careful selection of colors and textures in the created space. The designers of Luxury Antonovich Design will learn all the variety of style solutions in the range of finishing materials and accessories and will provide you with the best of what the world of kitchen furniture can offer.

How the idea of elite kitchen becomes a reality

Communication with the designer. To create a unique furniture system, the designer of the company Luxury Antonovich Design strives to take into account all your wishes and determine what is closer to you - elite classical kitchen, vivid trends of modernity or the original symbiosis of two opposite directions.

Drawing a sketch. From your ideas and own creative ideas, the designer constructs a series of possible design options for the premise.

Measurements. To ensure that a set of kitchen furniture can hide shortcomings and emphasize the advantages of the premises, experts of Luxury Antonovich Design visit the site and fix the technical parameters of the room.

Development of a design project. When ordering kitchen furniture, a complete package of technical documentation is developed, which, in addition to the approved sketches, includes specifications, room drawings, layout plans and much more.

Manufacturing of kitchen. Project documentation is sent to the factory, where to create a unique kitchen ensemble, workers select a veneer pattern, tint of enamel, etc.

Delivery and assembly. If you buy an elite kitchen in the company Luxury Antonovich Design, you can appreciate the impeccable service of prompt delivery of your order and quality furniture assembly.

Furniture Luxury Antonovich Design - masterpieces are born with us!