Luxury furniture by Modenese Gastone is famous worldwide for its unique charm of classic luxury. For many years, we have had a close partnership, which became a friendship. Our companies have the similar philosophy about the exclusivity. Luxury Antonovich Design Studio creates exclusive interiors for customers. And Modenese Gastone factory follows the same principle.
For the past two centuries, since 1818, this factory has been producing true masterpieces of the world art. Every respected house or hotel is honored to have these beautiful pieces of furniture. In our author's projects, we harmoniously integrate Modenese Gastone furniture in bedrooms, living rooms, offices, government residences and hotels. Our cooperation has got the level, when for the most respectable interiors, the factory produces exclusive pieces of furniture on the sketches of our designers.

Luxury furniture by Modenese Gastone in Dubai from Luxury Antonovich Design is:

  • Furniture order directly from the manufacturer;
  • Furniture delivery directly to the site;
  • Ideal furniture correspondence to the style and status of the interior.
  • Exclusive design.
  • Special prices for our customers.

For two hundred years, the furniture manufacturers has been improving their skills and add modern innovation to handmade technologies. The top quality of Modenese Gastone furniture is based on a thorough checking of each phase of production. They are real experts in the world of Italian furniture, which is functional, elegant and unique.
Each piece of furniture is a separate masterpiece. They think over every detail. Luxury classic lines, noble materials and the introduction of new technologies are the bases of such a beautiful piece of furniture and decor.
Luxury furniture by Modenese Gastone keeps its traditions, not to lose the brand awareness. For decoration of furniture, they widely use rich fabrics, gold and other precious metals, Swarovski crystals and amazing handmade carvings.
Luxury furniture by Modenese Gastone worthy decorate the most luxurious interiors. It will become a family heritage and will delight more than one generation of the family.