To make each interior was really unique, we design exclusive decor variants, creating a family logo, as well as offering customers handmade furniture.

According to the designer's drafts, Luxury Antonovich Design studio the best world factories produce luxury furniture. In this article we want to introduce in more detail with one of our projects. Design interior of the villa combines the modern classic and art deco.

An elegant accent in the spirit of the traditions of classic in the interior became furniture.

Hall on the first floor adorned with luxury sofa. This insular design that is open around the perimeter for a comfortable pastime. The shape of the sofa is two circles which merge smoothly into each other. The basis of the whole image became specially designed backrest. The backrest is decorated with wave-shaped vertical lines shallow.

This design solution symbolizes infinity luxury space.

The sofa is upholstered with monophonic silk velvet creamy. Against this background, a bright and stylish look have round silk pillows. The embedded vases with flowers became a luxurious accent . Their line is framed with little crystal balls. The base of the sofa deserves special attention. Forged metal with gilding inside is illuminated with a soft light. This creates the perfect illusion of it floating in the air. Due to the unique design of the sofa, his expressive, elegant and luxurious image can be seen from all angles.
At the junctions of circular bases, designers have proposed two small coffee tables. This is a very luxurious and romantic image of a cozy interior. Here you can comfortably stay in and enjoy a cup of coffee, contemplate this sunny and beautiful interior.