The basis of comfort in the luxurious interiors by Luxury Antonovich Design Studio becomes the elite furniture.

And for our clients, we offer the best furniture and decor from famous brands. With many brands, we have established close friendship and partnership. According to our designers’ sketches, the worldwide factories produce exclusive furniture. And every our project becomes a new expression of contemporary luxury and splendor.

And one of the world's most famous factories of luxury furniture is Asnaghi, which is also our partner. This furniture perfectly underlines the palatial luxury. After all, the factory is famous for its masterpieces in Art Deco, Baroque, Rococo, Empire and modern styles. The style of elegance and grace, which can be seen in projects by Katrina Antonovich, fully harmonizes with Asnaghi furniture. The manufacturers impress with rich decor, exquisite handiwork, and valuable materials. Thanks to the excellent functionality of the Italian furniture, virtuoso techniques of carving and luxurious look, Asnaghi Interiors brand is popular around the world.

The factory was founded over a hundred years ago by Giuseppe Asnagi. Since that time, all furniture has been made of valuable species of wood,  i.e. cherry, walnut, ash, and others. Luxury finishes of brass inserts, gilt bronze, luxury velour, and silk make each piece of the furniture really gorgeous.

Asnaghi Interiors factory successfully introduce modern technologies, which in the combination with handwork make this furniture real works of art.

Italian furniture Asnaghi Interiors will bring sophistication to your home and a festive atmosphere. For many years, it has kept its luxurious and presentable look. This furniture is elegant and practical, luxurious and royal.

The designers of Luxury Antonovich Design Studio perfectly combines innovative ideas with old traditions. And the luxurious furniture becomes the part of the new trendy interiors, symbolizing the palace luxury of the new era. The factory offers furniture for all kinds of interiors, from the kitchen to the government building. Its beauty and uniqueness fascinate the most sophisticated connoisseurs of luxury all over the world. And our design studio offers direct delivery of furniture to the site from the manufacturer's factory, as well as exclusive pieces of furniture according to our design sketches.

By purchasing this furniture, you buy the real masterpieces of modern art.