MGM Stone is the brand of the Italian family company Guarda Marbles & Stone Srl, which has been working in the processing of marble products for more than 50 yearsThe factory works both on the national and international arena, including the countries of the East and Asia already quite a lot of time, paying special attention to the residential sector of an elite class.

Our company Luxury Antonovich Design well familiar with the UAE market, and Africa, as we fulfill orders for Arab sheikhs and major projects of the state importance level in Africa.

Our capabilities are not limited only to the execution of a variety of interiors made of natural stone, we are also able to supply marble products for the facade parts of buildings of the best quality, which was proved in practice. We also own marble quarries, in addition, we import marble from around the world, process it, and then export the finished products. Furthermore, we can take on the installation of materials, if necessary, with the help of our installation specialists for this. Our company has a design department and a technical department, which can perform any work anywhere in the world, as well as preparing the necessary technical drawings.

Our manufacture is well equipped from a technical point of view, with high productivity, and the ability to carry out work of any complexity. Our company is very flexible, we do not have any restrictions either on the materials used or on the complexity of the being implemented projects.We can also build objects "turnkey". We can calculate our commercial offer based on customer drawings, or we can develop a design project ourselves, based on the wishes of the customer. We do not have price lists, as our production does not envisage the use of any ready-made products and /or standard products, as each project is individual and is custom-made.

At our enterprise, we have a catalog that contains more than 500 types of stones, as well as catalogs where kinds of semi-precious materials are presented. Catalogs and expositions are part of the brand, where the client can see with his own eyes how a particular material can be applied in a real interior. At the same time, we are organized to welcome guests to our company.

Currently, we have also launched a new line of accessories, which includes onyx panels with illumination, floor washbasins inlaid with marble, in the form of a barrel made of marble and /or onyx, designer table-mounted washbasins.All this combined with the panels forms a bathroom set.

All the visual and informational material relating to the activities of our company can be found on our official website