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Natural Viscose Carpets — Luxury Flooring Design


Each house has its own zone, which needs the softest, brightest and most durable accent, like a carpet. Viscose carpets by Luxury Antonovich Design are an excellent option for decorating the interior and creating a certain comfort zone for residents of a house or apartment. These carpets have a number of special properties.

Katrina Antonovich - Creator Of Spectacular Carpets Design

Viscose has a good appearance, possesses the best hygienic qualities as compared with synthetic fibers, is easily colored, and has rather high strength and fatigue characteristics. Consequently, viscose fiber is used to produce a wide range of carpets. Luxury Antonovich Design viscose carpet is very similar to silk carpet — it is just as elegant, delicate and pleasant to the touch.

If you want to create an atmosphere of classic luxury in your interior, which you could have previously only met in the royal palace, then Luxury Antonovich Design viscose carpets will fully satisfy your needs. If you prefer modern minimalism and intellectual geometric abstractions, then our viscose carpets in modern style will perfectly emphasize the peculiarity of your interior.


In the production of Luxury Antonovich Design carpets, viscose is often used in combination with other natural materials, for example, wool and viscose carpets (viscose is added to the pattern to make the carpet more attractive externally), silk and viscose carpets (because silk is the most expensive material used for the manufacture of carpets, then silk can be added to viscose to reduce the cost of the finished product). The color range of viscose carpets can be very diverse. Viscose is easy to color, which allows you to easily choose a model of the desired color. You can purchase both plain and multi-colored products, while all of them will have a high-quality and rich appearance.

Who will like viscose carpets by Luxury Antonovich Design:

— people who appreciate products made from natural materials;

— lovers of not only classic carpets, but also modern designs;

— those who prefer high-quality interior solutions;

— who is looking for a carpet with a nice and smooth to the touch pile;

— people in search of a carpet that has the effect of silk.

All the carpets from viscose by Luxury Antonovich Design serve for many years in dry rooms, houses and apartments. Such carpets look very impressive in any interior and can create a bright accent in the necessary area of the room. Our professional designers advise selecting viscose carpets, if you need to create an expensive and spectacular design of the dwelling. The similarity of viscose to silk carpets gives the material lightness and airiness, which is necessary to create the visual component of many stylistic projects. By purchasing such a carpet by Luxury Antonovich Design, our customers receive the best European quality and the most advanced production technologies.

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