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Gorgeous Satin Curtains Design


Curtains are a very important design element of any room. Much depends on their material, so it is important to choose the right one. Satin is an extremely gentle and beautiful material that appeared in the Middle Ages. The noble shine of satin fabrics uplifts the mood and creates a festive atmosphere in any room. Products from satin always look great, they always attract attention. This fabric is a great home textile.

Katrina Antonovich - Flawless Curtains Designer

Satin is the perfect material for sewing curtains. Luxury Antonovich Design satin curtains will add to the interior of the apartment notes of romance, sophistication and elegance. Beautiful satin curtains is a great idea for window decoration. Luxurious appearance, naturalness — this is not all the benefits of fabric. Radiant shine, impeccable texture and elegant smoothness always look perfect in the interior. Satin lambrequins are always a good design idea.


Window draperies from Luxury Antonovich Design have a presentable appearance and excellent performance properties. The material does not attract dust, gives the room a touch of comfort, elegance and pleasant atmosphere. Beautiful satin fabric for curtains fits perfectly. Luxury Antonovich Design designers use it as an independent canvas, as well as an additional element to other materials. The advantages include:

  • Lightweight — simple to mount on the eaves of any kind;
  • Excellent appearance — the fabric does not lose its properties for a long time;
  • Simple care — the material does not need special facilities and special washing conditions;
  • Softness — all design ideas are easily realized;
  • Hypoallergenic — fabric without fear can be used in children's rooms;
  • Excellent density — textile fabric does not shine through;
  • Resistance to wrinkle — satin well holds a form;
  • A wide choice of shades — harmonious inclusion in all styles, projects, decisions.

Lightweight satin fabric allows you to sew beautiful curtains by Luxury Antonovich Design for your living room or other room. Satin curtains give the room luxury and comfort. Satin is the best choice for festive and decorative window decoration. Beautiful canvas successfully used in rooms for any purpose. The interior of the living room, nursery, hall and bedroom only wins against the background of characteristic brilliance.

The varieties of satin from Luxury Antonovich Design include:

  • Maintenon — a monophonic fabric with the embroidered flower ornament.
  • Trianon — fabric with contrasting patterns.
  • Pompadour — a material with gold patterns on a dark background.
  • Khan is an expensive fabric from which traditional clothes are traditionally made in China.

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