Modern Marble Bedroom Interior


The bathroom is considered a place where people receive a charge of cheerfulness for the whole day and relax, relieving tension at the end of the day. The design of the white bathroom from Luxury Antonovich Design can be both extravagant and cozy and warm. It all depends on which shade you choose and whether you will combine it with partner colors. Also, an important role in beautiful house design is played by additions in the form of incredible textiles, bathroom accessories, elegant furniture and other decorative bathroom attributes.

It is difficult to find a material more noble and aristocratic than marble. The whimsical streaks of gray and bluish shades bring sophistication to the atmosphere of a white-made bathroom and visually make the interior truly expensive. Using it with rich veins, our designers and architects from Luxury Antonovich Design managed to achieve a separation of the bathroom in artistic form. By adding impressive lighting, the overall effect of an improved and cozy atmosphere is obtained.


A proven way from Luxury Antonovich Design to bring a touch of warmth and home comfort into the bathroom interior with a light fit-out is to use wood for its decoration. The oval bath can be beautifully exploited using our precious material. Having chosen the project in gray-white colors, it is necessary to pick up a few wooden fit-out decorations for avoiding cold atmosphere and make it friendly and welcoming. This material is used for a number of purposes:

— to decorate the ceiling with decorative custom openwork panels, which will give the interior an unusual stylish look;

— to use wood panels for wall decoration with built-in appliances.

Every detail of this beautiful interior design and decoration in this fabulously stylish bathroom by Luxury Antonovich Design adds depth and a sense of comfort. Lighting and fit-out, as well as fresh, lush towels — this is what you want to see here all the time. Collected together marble table, which definitely puts in order the territory, and this spacious place is another example of how this material can be used in modern homes. Here you can feel like in the spa with the help of planning and details.