Elegant Classic Home Cinema Design


Home cinemas have firmly taken the place in life of modern people and their living space, forever changing the requirements for beautiful interior design. Now, not only comfort and convenience become important requirements for the home cinema interior, but also taking into account the specifics of the latest technologies, high-quality fir-out materials and furniture solution.

Luxurious and comfortable home cinema is the dream of every homeowner. The design of a room for a home cinema by Luxury Antonovich Design is created taking into account the specific requirements placed on the room regarding acoustics, lighting, technical equipment, ventilation and, of course, its functional purpose. The interior of the home theater provides a huge field for design experiments.


First of all, when designing a home cinema, our designers take into account its location. And also a prerequisite is insulation. It is very important for us to choose fit-out materials that absorb the sounds as much as possible. Owners of private houses and cottages can create a separate sound-proofing space for home cinema. And this means that they are able to realize any fantasies in arranging the design of this room with the help of talented professionals from Luxury Antonovich Design. Any design style can be interesting to beat and create a real masterpiece.

Designers of the Luxury Antonovich Design studio took aristocratic shades as the basis for the color palette of the home cinema project, which helps to increase the depth so necessary for this type of place. Beige upholstered furniture on the background of red and brown shades looks like a contrasting bright spot, which certainly attracts attention. Leather recliner chairs, lined up in a row, wooden-framed screen with gilded carvings with wavy patterns, rich color palette with red velvet — and an exquisite and elegant classic style cinema, made by our first-class designers and architects, is pleasing the eye of the house owner and his guests. In addition to the upholstered furniture in the interior of the home cinema there is a storage rack under the screen. Similar to original custom-made torches, wall sconces serve as sources of tender diffused light. The spotlights help to arrange the necessary light accents and contribute to the formation of a cinema atmosphere with its illuminating twilight spotlights.