Modern interior for a comfortable life - that's the definition of exactly conveys a sense of contemporary style.

Main Features of Contemporary style:

  •     Clarity and conciseness of planning, as well as simplicity in design;
  •     Integrity and comfort, an obvious functionality, and accessibility of pieces of furniture. To create in your home interior of Contemporary style can everyone just showing good taste in an effort to   implement the atmosphere of coziness;
  •     Functional zoning premises, combined with easy composition of its environmental elements;
  •     Smooth surfaces, accurate shapes, lines proportionality. They are the necessary background for the decorative elements of an interior;
  •     Items in the interior are few, but they are often ethnic and of classical forms;
  •     The presence of built-in and modular furniture with lots of storage compartments, drawers, and shelves.


In order to design the interior of in the house in the early mentioned style, the most commonly used synthetic materials such as glass, laminate, metal, artificial stone, plastic. Of course, the use of natural materials has not been canceled, subject to their reliability, good handling, and environmental friendliness.

Color spectrum

Using in that style of any special colors does not matter, it depends only on your personal preferences, but the characteristics of the interior color solutions need to be mentioned:
1. When choosing furniture, should prefer a monochrome, like background colors, such as dark blue, brown, marsh, graphite, charcoal, etc.They will be particularly advantageous to look if for the wall design you will choose light colors.
2. In a basic furnishings arrangement, is better to use neutral colors on the walls, on the floor, on the ceiling. A nice contrast to beige, white, gray, sand and ivory there will be more use of bright and rich colors of furniture and decor elements.
3. Items of saturated colors, arranged in the form of accents, will bring to your home the necessary mood and cheerfulness.Choose bright blankets, vases, scenic paintings, carpets catchy.

Contemporary - a great style for modern interiors, where the living room is combined with kitchen and bedroom with a working cabinet. Separation takes place very carefully and only visually, using design methods of zoning.  Use screens and curtains, transparent, and openwork partitions, furniture design, multilevel floors, and ceilings, as well as materials for their decoration.  Choosing furniture.  In the Contemporary style interiors, we offer elite furniture made of expensive wood or MDF as well as plastic, glass, and metal. In addition, the products are characterized by a special design and variety, but they are always reliable, durable and environmentally friendly.Due to the streamlining forms such furniture is always relevant, and it is very easy to add to or replace, without prejudice to the interior. In such a modern interior proven themselves all sorts of modular, easily transformed items intended for small urban apartments. It is necessary to choose the folding sofas and chairs instead of the massive beds, as well table, if necessary, should turn into a large dining table, for receiving guests.

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