Master bedroom design in a classic style of Luxury Antonovich Design Studio gives the room a cozy and warm atmosphere. The most important factor in setting up the bedroom paint design of this style is the choice of furniture, implying luxury and originality.

Classic style implies the use of natural and expensive materials.

To implement design solutions in the bedroom of classic style, with Art Deco accents, much attention is paid to functionality trends. For this, furniture should not be cumbersome, and decorative elements should be well designed, with a good color combination.  Area of a bedroom in a classic-style design should be fairly large to accommodate all the necessary home furnishings according to this style. All design items and furniture should have a low-key color.

The entire interior should combine a nice looking color shades from beige to yellow discreet. Furniture and furnishings of this style are made of the finest wood, upholstery bed should be of high-quality fabrics. Selection of the bed plays an important role, as it will take most of the room space.Because of the size of the bed, the remaining area of the bedroom designs for couples space possible to further decorate.  When choosing bedroom interior design a classic style with Art Deco accents with using of antiques, items of contemporary design can be used for a change.  For such solutions and mixture of styles, furniture should match the colors and design of the walls.

The bedroom should be set large mirrors that help give the room a feeling of luxury and width.

Under the light of the sun, during the daytime, the bedroom have a chic and expensive look. Classic style is characterized by the presence of large crystal chandeliers hanging down to the bottom, with decoration of painted stucco.Walls and floors should be bright colors, it will expand the area of the room and give the room elegance.  For equipping of a bedroom in the classical style, natural materials are used.  The classic design of a bedroom requires the installation of furniture and interior elements of the highest quality.

The best solution would be the order of furniture that is based on a designer's decision, and the best variant.

The style envisages the presence of wood furniture, made in the form of painted plates and spray coating of brass or of fine gold.  The color of the bedroom furniture design should be two shades darker than the color of the walls.For classical style a bedroom suitable leather furniture, which will help to save space if the bedroom has a small area.You should not block the passage and a lighting by bulky furniture and unnecessary items. With a small amount of furniture made of high-quality materials, the bedroom will look elegant, without busting the decor. The choice of colors is totally dependent on the owners of the premises and their preferences in design. Choice of gray or matte shades for the bedroom will help create comfort, these colors will help to relax. Ivory or pure white hue will give to a bedroom feeling of freshness and purity, and the living flower compositions add lightness to the interior. Shades of pale blue color will fill the interior with a pleasant sheen, adorable.
Textiles for the beautiful bedroom designs, made in this style, should choose from satin, silk, and velvet,  possible with fine ornament. When choosing a color upholstery it is worth considering that in the classical style is not recommended saturated color palette for furniture.  To make the luxury master bedroom designs, use porcelain, plaster figurines, decor items can be of a gold hue.To dilute the interior can be used wallpaper with obscure ornaments in the form of abstractions or floral patterns. If properly and tastefully approach to the arrangement of the paint designs for bedrooms in a classic style, then this option will help your bedroom to get originality, comfort, and sophistication.

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