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Modern Contemporary Lounge Interior Design


Lounge areas are made for visitors and alike. The beauty of its interior is very important as it sets the impression of the guests. Lounge areas in buildings, offices, or even personal houses are created to be welcoming and it should show hospitality and warmth. Another factor in having a beautiful lounge area is the elements of coziness, luxury, and comfort. These three factors add to the beauty of lounges and it should not be overlooked. Lounge areas tend to be crowded and proper floor plans should be executed in order to have a spacious room for many people. The least you want in your lounge is people standing in the corner. That is why it is also very important to have a lounge with proper beautiful furniture on top of its beautiful interior design.

Katrina Antonovich - Luxury Designer for Cozy Furniture


The golden accents are a reflection of the beauty of luxury. The chairs and pillowcases in navy blue are very bold and beautiful; while the sofa and tables give a softer and more carefree ambiance to the interior lounge area design. The combination of the soft cream and dark navy blue when put together creates a dynamic color theory that is exceptional and phenomenal. Luxury at its best. The interior lounge area design creates a magnificent ambiance and atmosphere to the already stunning interior design.

Wall interior should not also be left out in every design. The walls add depth and dimension to the room. A most interior designer should look after the walls as it gives additional space to the room. The walls have a big role in making the interior look big and spacious and it should be designed in a way that is very intricate and dynamic. The walls that the team of Luxury Antonovich Design created in this interior lounge area design is supreme and superior. The lights in the curve and the dripping accents are very beautiful and luxurious. 

Staircases in this interior lounge area design are crafted in a simple yet beautiful manner. The glass handles give a different take on the blue and cream furniture designs. The gold handles are sure beautiful and luxurious. While the plants underneath the staircase give a breathing space to the beautiful interior lounge area design. 

The beautiful depth that the elements add to the room and the additional lights that it creates to space would be a huge addition to the luxury goal of the interior lounge area design. Aside from that, the small plant accents that are spread thought out the place will be a huge addition to the beauty of the interior. Visit us today and start working with us!

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