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Magnificent Mansion Exterior Design


The dream of living in a mansion continues to be the goal of many. With our hard-earned money, we always think of how we can achieve such a high-quality living. We wonder what it feels like living in a neighborhood full of mansions and amazing townhouses. We think of the lives of the richest and we try to put ourselves into it. On some days, we check the local home magazine on the latest trends in architecture, and on most days we think of how we can accomplish such achievement as we drive and see these amazing beautiful houses on the road every day.

Katrina Antonovich - Winning Mansion Designer

With the fast-paced trends and styles that come along every year, it is not easy to choose a house that suits your style. Your personality is very important in choosing the right architecture for your home. Do you wish to have it in a modern contemporary style? Or do you long for a classic vintage look?


This two-story luxury mansion is built with the most amazing façade that you could ever find in Dubai. Its midcentury style is something that is beyond imagination. With Luxury Antonovich Design making sure that the details are on point and spot-on in every corner. We value the façade in every project that we do because it sets a huge first impression in the family that is living inside the house. At Luxury Antonovich Design, the façade is one of the main important tasks that we do. We create several design studies that you can choose from. We collaborate with clients for them to achieve the look that they want in their front. The exterior design is valued at most and the details of every planning are present to the customer in every step of the project.

The house is well-secured. Its gated structure is perfect for those who long for extra security. The windows are spread throughout the house and the lights are phenomenal. The addition to the overall beauty of this mansion exterior design is a huge open area for its landscape. You would want to stay outside even longer with the natural beauty of the outdoors. Phenomenal at its best. That is what Luxury Antonovich Design is known for. Every corner is made with perfection.

Another key element to note for in this exterior design is the use of a staircase in the main front door. Feel like royalty with the elegance that it brings. The elements and the time and effort put into creating this exterior design is just beyond words. The staircase adds luxury and extravagance to the already stunning two-story mansion exterior design, and its beautiful details are beautiful to look at.

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