Modern Bedroom Design And Decor

Katrina Antonovich - best architect

Katrina Antonovich - Chief Designer at Luxury Antonovich Design


Bedroom interior design is the most important part of the whole house arrangement. Every year the art of bedroom interior design is truly the most important. Each of us rest in our own way: someone likes to watch a favorite movie on TV or listen to music, someone prefers to read favorite book, and someone just enjoys the silence. The harmoniously created interior ensemble from Luxury Antonovich Design can turn the bedroom into an oasis of luxury and comfort. For such result our team of professionals pays attention to many important aspects.

Proper integration of several different functional areas in the same room is one of the main tasks in developing the design of an apartment or house from Luxury Antonovich Design. Successful planning allows to combine almost all the space at your disposal, creating a multifunctional zone.


Since the area of the room in this design project is quite large, in this case, our designers from Luxury Antonovich Design organized a full-fledged living room and bedroom in one room, dividing the room into two zones: private (sleeping place) and public space due to design tricks and ideological finds.

We began the zoning of the space to the living room and bedroom with the choice of sleeping place. The sleeping area in this project is located as far as possible from the entrance door, between two windows, and, unlike the living room area, it is not a walk-through. We have created a bedroom that will be as intimate as possible, where you can feel safe and comfortable. A low modern bed with a soft, wide cream-colored headboard is zoned with a soft carpet, matched to the color of the wall. Decorative design accent wall is like a continuation of the head of the bed, and the decoration of the ceiling once again underlines the sleeping area.

The bedroom-living room in modern style takes the problems of complex interiors and tries to help in solving them, pushing the complex and intricate decor into the background. Our designers from LuxuryAntonovich Design focused on the principle of rational use of space, creating a concise image, demonstrating texture, harmonious colors, and maximum functionality presented by the choice of furniture, textiles and decor in this bedroom project, combined with the living area.

The living area is represented by an amazing set of sofas and poufs from velour of rich blue color, complemented by coffee tables with glossy table tops. The central accents of this zone are beautiful crystal chandeliers that illuminate the seating area.