Modern Hotel Design Dubai

Katrina Antonovich - best interior designer


Every day we pass or drive past dozens of buildings that we don’t even pay attention to. Other buildings on the contrary cause interest and desire to consider them. Obviously, in the second case, special attention was paid to the exterior design, which made it possible to make the building individual. Practice shows that the hotel business does not tolerate templates. The only way to survive in the conditions of tough competition in the hotel industry is to develop and implement creative design using the knowledge and skills of Luxury Antonovich Design Company. The design of modern  hotel Dubai operating in the format of apart- hotels has its own specific features.

The exterior of the building, in which the hotel is located, is designed by Luxury Antonovich Design. It makes no less impression than its interior. And if we consider that the first impression, as a rule, is the strongest, it becomes obvious that even commercial success may depend on the appearance of the building and the surrounding area.


The project of the hotel Dubai from our famous masters was created with respect for nature and taking into account the peculiarities of the environment. Visual expansion of the space in the design of the hotel by introducing elements of nature was a decisive factor in developing the best exterior design of a modern hotel from Luxury Antonovich Design. The use of natural materials in the exterior decoration in this hotel Dubai — wood, stone, glass — and the abundance of greenery allows minimizing the pressure of civilization on guests. Thanks to the vibrant colors, the wooden lining of the walls and the floor, and decorations made of natural stone, a feeling of comfort, calmness and unity with nature is created.

For a hotel, located outside the city designed by Luxury Antonovich Design, the arrangement of terraces with access directly from the room is important, as well as smooth covered walkways from the street inside the hotel rooms. In country park hotels our company builds cottages in a forested area, and the rooms are combined with large verandas immersed in greenery. The area around the house is a great place to experiment in the field of landscape design.