Modern And Sophisticated Bedroom Design


For many of us the bedroom is one of the most important rooms of our house. The bedroom in the apartment was always assigned a special role and place. Options for the bedroom design today are very diverse.

This bedroom project has a special atmosphere and meets certain criteria. First, the interior design of the bedroom is in harmony with the overall design concept of the other rooms. Secondly, the interior includes important functional elements — beautiful bed with high uphlostered headboars, bedside tables, a place to relax or read — sitting area and a coffee table. The bedroom and its interior in the performance of talented designers and architects of Luxury Antonovich Design gives a feeling of comfort and relaxation to all households. Beautiful bedroom interior design is a peculiar algorithm and plan for fit-out works. 

The main specific characteristic of the bedroom in modern style, the interior of which is made by Luxury Antonovich Design, is ergonomics, which implies the use of technical advances, stylish comfortable furniture with multifunctional features. Modern interior style has no restrictions on the fit-out materials used, colors and style of decorative interior items. The design of this bedroom project combines harmony, quiet comfort and ease. 


Modern style of bedroom interior tends to minimalism, but preserves the comfort and cosiness of the atmosphere in its main priorities. Our experts did not disregard such important details as thermal insulation and noise insulation. In  the bedroom from Luxury Antonovich Design is always calm, peaceful, quiet and warm. Our experts, developing a  specific design project of the bedroom bedroom, always pick up best fit-out materials that absorb noise and prevent  the penetration of cold or heat into the room. 

The modern design of the bedroom from Luxury Antonovich Design is based on a contrasting color scheme. In this project, the bedroom is designed a combination of light monotonous colors and contrasting walls and dark wood  furniture, as well as upholstered furniture with bright saturated azure color fabrics. 

Accessories, such as decorative cushions, lamps and an original designer chandelier, blend beautifully with the bed and the overall decoration of the room. Curtains are chosen from soft, flowing fabrics of the same color as the wall,  as if merging with it - this creates a feeling of comfort, especially in the evening hours.