Get inspired by many important moments of life. Creating of unique beauty interiors. Setting new fashion trends. All the beautiful interior stories that tell the authors of the projects of the Luxury Antonovich Design Studio are based on the sensitive tracking of world trends in design and architecture, on close attention to new projects and collections of the world's leading manufacturers. Proceeding from this, one of the traditional inspirational moments are the world exhibitions of designers, furniture, and other decor manufacturers. The iSaloni exhibition, which has been held annually in Milan since 1961, gathers the best trends, the best world designers and leading manufacturers of furniture and decoration items.

The formation of the interior and furniture fashion at such exhibitions are taking place, the tendencies of its development are determined for the coming years. And it's so nice to realize that in the creation of new fashion trends, the studio of Luxury Antonovich Design is a direct participant. For the past ten years, the most luxurious and respectable interiors, exclusive pieces of furniture have been creating according to the author's sketches the studio's designers.

Among our partners, with whom there are warm and friendly relations, there are many leading Italian factories. The mutual exchange of creative energy, inspiration, ideas is the basis of new collections and new masterpieces. This is the most anticipated event for both exhibitors and guests.

The iSaloni 2017 exhibition impressed with new ideas and new technologies in furniture production. From traditional classics to modern style, all trends reflect the main trendy tendency of the season. And this trend is creating luxurious interiors and feeling of absolute comfort which are closely connected with obligatory aesthetic perfection and harmony of everything that surrounds in own house.

The management of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design throughout the exhibition held many fruitful and important negotiations.

Leading world brands happily cooperate with the studio, as this is an excellent chance to offer their products for the most elite and respectable interiors of the world. We create elite interiors, and the process of building luxury housing becomes an exciting interior story, in which our customers actively participate. After all, each of them inspires on the creation of unique projects, voicing their dreams. Furniture from Italy, which we harmoniously fit into the most respectable interiors, are real pieces of designer art from world famous masters.

Over the years, the studio has developed a strong partnership with the leading Italian factories. For many projects, exclusive items of furniture were produced, which were created according to the author's sketches of studio designers.

Furniture from Italy necessarily brings to the interior an element of elegance and refinement. The Studio of Elite Interiors Luxury Antonovich Design is the trendsetter in the design of interiors, as Italy is a world-famous trendsetter in furniture fashion. Successful multi-year cooperation on this is based.

A cornerstone of the work of the studio is that we offer our customers an excellent opportunity to choose furniture directly from the manufacturer's factory. This can be a visit of a representative of the factory to the site, and/or an exciting trip to Italy and a close acquaintance with the brand.

This is an amazing opportunity to get to know the traditions of furniture makers, their secrets, and methods of creating the highest quality furniture. You can choose exactly what you like, something that will please by comfort and aesthetic perfection for many years. Furniture from Italy is the most romantic moment in the interiors of any styles. Rare wood species and skillfully carved handmade decor, incrustation with precious metals and gems, all this is the basis of the perfect look of furniture.

And the main advantage, buying directly from the manufacturer, you are sure of the quality and do not overpay. In addition to furniture manufacturers offer luxury decor items, that will perfectly blend in with the interior. Furniture from Italy - these are beautiful moments of luxury and comfort. Cooperating with us, you will get a lot of pleasant emotions and impressions. And the process of creating your new home will be one of the best memories in life.

Luxury Antonovich Design is a comfort and coziness in every moment.

ISaloni exhibition 2017 opened trends in the fashion of interior design, which will be relevant this year and next. Intellectual comfort and absolute luxury in style. And in this direction, our works results has reached incredible heights. New projects that are already pleasing our customers, as well as those that are in the work process, are distinguished by the impeccable the image of this most modern luxury, an integral part of which is furniture.