Comfort and convenience of modern apartment depends on the quality of lighting, thanks to it we are able to completely change the perception of the boring interior. The possibilities of the newest lighting systems are so wide that, depending on the situation, without any rearrangement of furniture, the room may appear in various forms. We are very accustomed to the old, conservative lighting decoration of the room, but the traditional chandelier, fixed in the center of the room, floor lamps and sconces, once and for all chosen directions of light streams, do not meet modern demands in space illumination. The main criteria today are mobility and diversity, which can be achieved by combining comfortably scattered or reflected light with moving light accents created by bright beams of directional light.

Novelties of the lighting market You can list for a long time, but we will only focus on a few of the most popular and interesting options. Very nice lighting for the eyes differs by soft shadow-forming properties and a uniform distribution of the brightness of light reflected from the surface of walls, ceiling, and floor.This effect given by ceiling lamps in the form of a ball or hemisphere. They are not transparent and do not let the blinding light pass, easing straight beams.

The scattered light received from them has the highest coefficient of utility and is best suited for general lighting. Placing of such light sources can be completely free, they can "travel" throughout the upper plane of the room. The same type of lighting can be created by halogen lamps fixed on metal structures or mounted in suspended or stretched ceilings. It is often possible to find an option in which the ceiling lights are hidden behind a special protrusion placed along the walls, this method visually increases the volume of the room and advantageously emphasizes the configuration of the space.

Chandeliers still continue to be elements of general lighting, especially in regard to housing, made in the classical style. But their placing in the center is not necessary, the fixture should find its place where it really is needed, for example, over a dining group or a rest area.

The best and most interesting option for lighting in a room is to use conductive structures, they make it possible to provide the greatest mobility. The construction of such conductive elements is diverse: they can be mounted both to the ceiling and to the walls. Light fixtures located on these elements, easily change the angle of the beam and location. For example, if you need to focus the maximum amount of light at one point, you can easily move the elements to the right place. To create general lighting, light sources are placed in different places of the room, and you can change the general lighting picture as many times as you like, simply by changing the position of the fixtures.

Lighting decoration of the room will be incomplete if you do not use local and decorative lighting. And for some rooms, such as an office or a bedroom, general lighting is not even necessary. In this case, the entire load on the lighting design of the space is on the local lighting. Table lamps, sconces and ceiling lamps with lampshades perfectly highlight the desired object, leaving the rest of the room in the shadows.

Floor lamps also well suited for this purpose. It is only necessary to choose those models with light element rotation angle adjuster. If you think that floor lamps have become obsolete for a long time, know that recently they have changed a lot and the modern models will fit so well into your interior that it can become an integral and beloved part of it. Decorative lighting will give any interior, completeness, and versatility. Highlight ин direct rays of the most benefit details of the interior: niches, massive outdoor vases, sculptures and more. Very interesting perspective will give a mounted into the wall in one line lamps, which will cover only these small niches, creating the effect of portholes. Another version of the light decoration of the walls is a floor illumination, the rays of light directed at the walls will make the interior mysterious.

There are many ways in which you can increase, narrow or expand the space depending on the goal. For your convenience, we will give you some rules that you can apply in practice with lighting adjustment of living premises . Maximum illumination of walls and using of materials with good reflecting properties will help you to visually expand the space, which is very important for small rooms.

- When lighting large rooms, it is best to use direct light fixtures.

- By changing the brightness of light reflected from the floor, walls, and ceiling, you can adjust the volume of the room.

- Reflected or diffused light visually increases the space.

- To decrease the height of the ceiling you will be able to, if you place on it lamps light rays of which will be directed to the walls, in this case, the ceiling will be in the shade and visually reduced To increase the height, you will achieve by using the opposite method, installing on the walls fixtures with upward-directed beams, a brightly lit ceiling will seem higher.

- To visually expand a narrow corridor, it is necessary to arrange lamps on even line, along one of the walls of the premise. Frequently encountered arrangement of fixtures when they are installed along the middle line of the ceiling, on the contrary narrows the space.

- The illuminated wall at the end of the corridor makes it wider. Bright transverse light visually shortens the length. To deepen the perspective of a long corridor can be achieved by placing on the ceiling an even line of similar lamps.

- Longitudinal illumination allows to extend a short space. Correctly installed lighting can not only adjust the geometry of the room, but also mask what should be left in the shade, and also create the necessary accents in the interior. We hope that these tips will help you.

Light decoration of living interior is important not only for eye health, it stimulates the work of the brain and contributes to a good rest. Therefore, to the selection of lighting for your apartment should be approached with all seriousness.

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