Organization of VIP wedding is a task that requires a special solution, which our agency certainly will find and implement. We are engaged in organizing and decorating weddings in the UAE and far beyond and know what a magnificent Luxury wedding is and how it should look.

The luxury wedding is a difficult and meticulous work with expensive elements and exclusive decor. The organization, selection, and booking of a large number of well-known performers. Preparations for VIP wedding is a real challenge for professionals because when it comes to such scope and opportunities, our team are highly motivated. The Luxury wedding is the result of the great and persistent work of the organizers, florists, and decorators, this is a work of organizational art. We try to work through all the moments, here is a description of some of them:

The image of the bride. A gorgeous dress adorned with precious stones; Hairstyle and make-up made by the best make-up artist and stylist especially for you; Shoes from the latest collection of the famous fashion designers; The decorations are as gorgeous as the bride herself. Every moment we will think through to the smallest details, so that your image is at a proper level, gorgeous, unique, the image of a real princess.

Open-air ceremony. A huge territory with the best landscape view. No strangers, a lot of space for ideas and opportunities. The wedding arch or tent is so gorgeous that it gives the impression of the presence of something royal. Many flowers, the most vivid, lush and colorful bouquets. For a luxury wedding, the main rule is there should be a lot of flowers. The best florists embody their skills and talent in decorating floral compositions.

Wedding banquet. Exquisite dishes from the chef, a varied menu of the rarest and best products, excellent serving and the best wine. The wedding cake, which itself is a work of art, is so majestic and fantastic that, guests will want to quickly taste this masterpiece of confectionary art.

The table of the bride and groom. We use the same rule too, there are must be many flowers. Huge floral compositions, hanging from the table and above it, crystal tableware and candles. The background can be both of high-quality and delicate fabrics and large floral compositions along the whole perimeter of the wall with illumination decoration. The expensive wedding design for an elite wedding has a huge influence.

Tables of guests. Ideal at the elite wedding will be floral compositions on high stands or on suspended structures, the higher, the better, if they are small, then they can not convey the right atmosphere. Along the tables for guests and above, you can use decorations of fabrics, flowers, and crystal. The more decorative elements there are, the better - candlesticks, candles, antique tableware, all this will perfectly fit into the overall decor. The tables and their arrangement will depend on the style of the wedding and its Concept, in the classical version it is round tables for 12 persons.

The host and famous performers. The host should be a person well known and experienced in communication. The best TV choice is showmen from different TV shows, they have enough good experience and reputation and can hold your celebration event with dignity. The highlight of the show of the Luxury wedding program can be famous performers or music band or soloist. What could be better than favorite and popular songs in the author's performance?

Details. LUXURY wedding attracts a lot of attention of invited guests and the public, so starting from invitation cards and ending with covers on chairs, everything should express chic and sophistication, every element must be thought through to the smallest details.

Wedding organization from the Luxury Wedding Service will take into account all your wishes and your guests will be delighted!