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Luxury Hall Interior Design

Having a luxurious interior design requires intensive briefing, planning, and conceptualization. In Luxury Antonovich Design, it is a must do process to evaluate each and every corner of the room. Every part of the area is crafted with superb skills and knowledge and we always make sure that all our interior design is decorated in a luxurious way.

Katrina Antonovich - Award-Winning Luxury Hall Interior Designer

We are excited to show you this new venture of our team as it is one of the best we have ever created: from the concept to the furniture, and all the things that you will see are mastered with talent and skills. This is headed by the award-winning and world-renowned interior designer: Katrina Antonovich. In order to build this stunning hall design, Luxury Antonovich Design came up with a superb concept that the clients will surely love. We took inspiration to the mid-century designs and we created it with a modern twist. The design likewise shows a flexible design where the staircase is just in the middle of the hall; making the room more agile and access-easy. The space planning of the interior design is well thought of with details that are magnificent and nice.

We are also pleased to show the stunning interior design and its beautiful color combination. In a hall, it is important that every corner is designed beautifully; hence we made sure that the colors are aligned with each other and the hues are wonderfully shown. The colors brown, green and cream were utilized beautifully and the design is made with much consideration. This hall interior design will surely be adored by the homeowners because of its exquisite and magnificent planning.

What we love most about this interior design is its space being well-planned. In the photos, you will notice that there are chairs underneath the staircase. This gives the room more area to engage with. It makes the hall more ergonomic. A lot of interior designs use the staircase underneath as a storage area, but in Luxury Antonovich Design; we made sure that the hall will still remain luxurious while giving the room enough space that it needed.

Making a house structure idea isn't simple! Katarina Antonovich spearheaded a lot of undertakings from little scale to the greatest activities in Dubai. Luxury Antonovich Design's goal isn't just about engineering new homes, it's arranging liveable yet lovely homes. We have accomplished a lot of honors not just in Dubai, in the Middle East, yet over the entire world. 

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