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Elegant and Expansive Luxury Hall Interior Design Ideas


Space is very important in creating a hall interior design. Your home’s hall should be spacious, clean and impressive. You might wonder why hall is important in a house; when some houses don’t have it. You can go straight to the living room and invest your money there, but if you have an extra budget; a hall is a good addition to add luxury to your room. Each interior design should be treated equally especially if you wish to have a uniform style in your home. This hall by Luxury Antonovich Design is a way for you to be able to make a beautiful design of the interior for your home. Impress your visitors and friends by having a spacious hall interior design. We all know that first impression lasts so it is just important to have a place where you can be proud of and be happy when you see it every day.

Sophisticated hall design featuring plush seating and ambient lighting

The walls in this hall are very stylish. We added an excellent touch to the artwork so that it can add depth to the plain walls. The curtains are also in its own unique simple way. You will love the ceiling of this hall. The rectangular light adds a different atmosphere to the room. Its beautiful design with uniform details is great to look at. This will surely add a beautiful theme to your place. Light plays a huge role in hall interior designs. Luxury Antonovich Design knows how important it is to create beautiful lights, especially with hall interiors. We have created the best arrangement for lights in this hall. We know that halls require huge empty spaces that is why in order to have an impressive hall, lights should be utilized well. Each and every light and chandeliers are important because this will help the interior design and the furniture decorations have a stronger and more stunning personality. These elements will be important in coming up with your dream interior design of the hall.

Elegant staircase with intricate ironwork and lavish carpet

The huge carpeted area is covered with light brown patterns that add beauty to the room. Its nice and cool shape gives the room a personality. The furniture set and arrangement should be considered carefully because, in halls like this, space is very important. You must have a talented interior designer that can help you create an arrangement for your hall. From sketches to full implementation, Luxury Antonovich Design knows how to create the nicest arrangement in terms of furniture for halls. The photos in this blog are all reviewed carefully. Each furniture set is placed properly with designs that are uniform with each other. Contact us today or visit our showroom to see our latest designs.

Grand entrance with marble flooring and crystal chandelier

Stunning hall with floor-to-ceiling windows and lavish drapery

Luxurious hall with high ceilings and exquisite wall art

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