Luxury Hall Design

Katrina Antonovich - Most Innovative Hall Designer

Katrina Antonovich - Most Innovative Hall Designer


The classical hall project by the Luxury Antonovich design is rich in amazing materials. You will know an amazing hall design with its proportion and materials. The design also follows as the interior is the first thing you'll see once you enter a hall. This interior design is classic and majestic which is one of the fortes of Luxury Antonovich Design. The company makes sure that all the elements and design placed in this hall is approved by the client. The team of professional designers wants to make sure that you, clients are happy with the results of the construction. 

  • Marble flooring: This hall design intricate marble flooring patterns which represent an elegant and chic hall.
  • Chandelier: The chandelier used is made of Swarovski crystals that pendants and reflects in the entire hall.
  • Stained-glass dome design that decorates the ceiling of the hall. The stained glasses are unique and it also adds an accent to this lovely hall design. 
  • Center table: The Center table is another added element that makes a visual impact in this hall design. It has a similar print with the marble floor that makes it look well coordinated with the hall. 


We make sure to put in regal and luxurious touch in our designs. 
It is the main basis of our style of work and we make sure to serve our clients with the best designs in the world. Our understanding of beauty and design can never be compared to any other company. We give the highest quality of services and design to our customers and we ensure that each project is successful. Our creativity and design organization is top-notch making us the best architectural company in the business.  The noble traits of the hall design are complemented by different elegant elements that are stylish and unique. There are graceful pillars and classical fixtures of carved and patterned furniture. You will notice the high ceiling that creates a bigger space and makes the hall airier. The power of luxurious design creates a harmonious blending in the hall. 


The quality of lighting affects the entire house interior. It gives comfort and convenience that makes the room appear more illuminated and beautiful. There are different varieties of home lighting which makes a room look more elegant. In this specific hall design by Luxury Antonovich Design, you will notice that the chandelier is the main focal point in the room. The chandelier is classic lighting that adds decoration to the room. The Swarovski crystals add a beautiful dynamic reflection into the hall making it look more bright. The reflection of the light to the crystals scatters the direction of light making the room look more illuminated. 

Luxury Antonovich will surely provide you only the best of quality service and design for your luxury hall design.