Remaining luxurious and comfortable, each of the bedroom interiors of Luxury Antonovich Design Studio retains its bright individuality. We create interiors of haute couture. This means that each bedroom interior reflects your inner world, your idea of a beauty, touching the delicate strings of the soul. That is what our esteemed customers have seen as the final result. And each project is composed like a puzzle, because of the unique design solutions, choice of materials, colors, curtains, furniture and other design elements.

The main directions in bedroom design are:

- wall decor
- design Flooring
- curtains and textile design
- ceiling design

The decor of the walls in the interior of a bedroom

The uniqueness of each project is based on the creative ideas of designers and the enormous selection of materials and textures that exist today. It is in the interior of a bedroom one of the main elements of wall decor is the decor panels. This can be a decoration of the walls with a cloth, soft textile panels, mirror panels, relief, and bas-relief. As a rule, the decor panel becomes a focus of distinguishing the main bedroom, namely bed. When it comes to soft wall panels, you can provide excellent sound insulation. Therefore, the soft panel is used for decoration of the walls on which a plasma TV is located. Decorating the walls with a cloth and textiles can be wonderfully combined with decorative plaster and wallpaper. Wallpapers for walls can be both the main and the sole design elements of this part of the bedroom space, as well as be an exquisite fragment, filling boiserie. Wallpaper today is a fantastic way to give the interior a the individuality and set its special mood. Gypsum stucco is very popular in the decoration of the walls of the classic interiors. Designers create unique ornaments, adding to stucco molding different shades. Designed in the Art Deco style interior necessarily implies mirrored panels in the decoration of the walls. This makes the interior more elegant, festive and also expands the space. Bedrooms photos are presented in the portfolio of completed projects, can help visually verify the virtues of a particular material for wall decor.

Flooring Design

The design of bedroom floors also differs by sufficient amount of materials and appearance variants. The most popular material for floor decoration in the bedroom is parquet. It is natural wood, can bring to the interior the wonderful notes of home comfort warmth, it is that we expect from our bedroom. Manufacturers offer luxury parquet pattern in the form of artistic paintings. By using a combination of different types of wood, you can create real paintings. Floorings made of one or another wood type creates a wonderful atmosphere of nature warmth. No less popular material for flooring decoration in luxury interiors is a natural marble. Modern stone cutting technologies allow the creation of no less beautiful ornaments than of wood. Because natural stone has some cool texture, the bedroom could be wonderfully complemented by natural carpet.

Curtains and textile design

It is a fact that the main thing in the interior of the bedroom is curtains and textile design. A beautiful bedspread on the bed, luxury curtains, cushions with charming embroidery. All these moments are amazing finishing touches, providing a luxurious interior mood. Velvet curtains will bring into interior notes of lush luxury. Curtains with embroidery complement it with romantic mood. Especially popular are the Italian curtains for luxury interiors. It is only Italian craftsmen are capable of creating unsurpassed beauty decoration options for windows. Curtains for the bedroom, you can see in the photos in a special section on our website dedicated to the curtains and textile design. Classic curtains, curtains in a modern style, the curtains in the Art Deco style, luxury blankets, and pillows will fill the interior of your bedroom with a special mood seductive beauty and comfort.

Ceiling Design

Design ceiling in the bedroom also requires a special approach and different from the design of the ceiling in other rooms. It is in the bedroom, we contemplate the most beautiful ceilings. And we create design options of ceiling decoration which give the present aesthetic and sensual pleasure. Stucco molding made of gypsum mandatory adorn classic interiors. Parts of the ceiling decorations are luxurious canopies, decorative painting, mirrors and elements of natural wood. With the help of lighting accents, it is possible to give the bedroom different moods, from muted intimacy to a bright mood of a sunny day.

The design of bedrooms by the Luxury Antonovich Design, it's the sensual luxury for your comfort!