Living room decoration is the foundation of a wonderful image of the main room in the house. Interior Designers of Luxury Antonovich Design studio harmoniously combine the tradition and innovation. Modern technologies open up great opportunities for creative improvisation. Namely, from the ideas in interior decoration depending uniqueness and originality of the room. House plan design provides a spacious living room with high ceilings .The interior combines classic style, Oriental and Art Deco.

We consider the basic living room decoration trends of this project:

  • The curtains
  • Wall decor
  • Ceiling and floor decor
  • Furniture and decorations

The curtains

This element of the living room decor meets all the canons of classical style. The high window is curtained with white translucent tulle. For curtains, textile designers offered monochrome silk of creamy hue. The edge of the curtains is sheathed by edging with lace fringe and softly picked up by large tassels. The role of the cornice visually performs a snow-white molding. Fixings of curtains are hidden away.

Wall decor

The decor of the walls in the interior of the living room sets the basis for elegant and festive mood. Designers have proposed huge mirrored panels with gilt openwork patterns. Panels placed the opposite each other. Thus we created the perfect illusion of infinity luxury space. Also, the walls decorated with silk wallpaper with large damask ornaments. Also part of the wall decor became half-columns of white marble with thin golden stripes.

Ceiling and floor decor

Floor and ceiling decor emphasizes other more advantageous lush and elegant elements of the living room decorations. The floor decorated with white marble with edging of stone gray. A snow-white surface of the ceiling was decorated with two massive crystal chandeliers. A special feature of the ceiling has become a multi-tier niche with a thin golden edging and modern ceiling lights. This creates an even more open area in the living room interior.

Furniture and decorations

Hues the upholstered furniture and windows decoration in harmonic accordance. Sofas and chairs upholstered in silk velvet of delicate cream colors. On the sofas charmingly looks colorful silk cushions. Coffee tables made of valuable wood species stylishly contrasts with white marble on the floor. They are encrusted with the gilded carved decor. For the comfort near each sofa placed a small round table with an elegant white floor lamp.

It is thanks to exclusive Living room decoration, designers emphasized the respectability of the house and wonderful taste of its owners.

Living room decoration by Luxury Antonovich Design

 ideas by Luxury Antonovich Design

Living room  by Luxury Antonovich Design

decoration ideas by Luxury Antonovich Design

decoration ideas by Luxury Antonovich Design