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Lovely Princess Bedroom Design with Gorgeous Furniture


Palaces and fantasies make us dream of faraway kingdoms and luxury living spaces. If you've constantly needed a space that is fit for royalty, here is a chic design that you might need to consider. With the furniture and interior design created by Luxury Antonovich Design. Luxury Antonovich Design created this beautiful interior design with furniture that is beyond amazing specific for a lady who wishes to stay in a luxurious and dreamy bedroom. The purple color is very lovely and intricate. The overall theme of the room is princess-like with colors of purple and cream. This color combination gives a very romantic look with a twist of elegance for a princess. Overall, you will feel like royalty with the stunning color combination. The diamond striped pattern is something very unique and is seen in fewer rooms only. The chairs, cabinets, mirrors, lamps, and other materials are superb and go well with the overall theme of the bedroom. The gorgeous design is created by the great designers of Luxury Antonovich Design. The furniture is all custom made and the design is unique. One notable thing in the bedroom is the usual of pastel pink in the wall. Aside from the white and purple, we also added a stunning shade of pastel pink to give a little different to the room. The interior design is very dynamic and the overall theme of the room is really set for a princess. The lovely design comes with a beautiful material that is really stunning.

Katrina Antonovich - Luxury Designer for Gorgeous Furniture

For your little princess, we selected a dainty bed total with purple delicate decorations and a dreamy ceiling fixture. we picked clean white window ceiling to give regular light access while shielding the room from an excess of warmth. We cover the walls by creating patterns that match the shades of the room. We complete the look by including a shade of purple to add accent to the room. We likewise included two or three eminences propelled stylistic theme pieces, for example, mirrors and pictures frames. Wealthy in hues and with substantial curtains, this room is fit for a little princess. While utilizing overwhelming window hangings may not be reasonable to utilize given our atmosphere, we utilize small lights. We added hues to space by picking pastel hues for the dividers and pads. How adorable are these materials? Your little sovereign and princess will doubtlessly feel additional extraordinary with this redid piece total with tufting and a crown-enlivened shade. We make a comparable look by painting your pieces in modern impartial hues. 

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