Light Classic Dressing Room Design


For every woman, a dressing room is a dream. And our company Luxury Antonovich Design knows all the nuances and subtleties of how to make this dream a reality. A dressing room made by the hands of our craftsmen is not only a luxury, but a practical way to systematize and arrange the layout of all clothes, linen, sleeping and bath accessories, shoes, bags and accessories that we need to use both daily and seasonally.

A classic dressing room with gold patina is a combination of style, grace and unsurpassed taste. Designers of Luxury Antonovich Design Company skilfully approached the implementation of the customer's ideas and presented a thought-out design project. Each decorative element of the dressing room adds to its sophistication and elegance inherent in the classics.

The exclusiveness of any classic dressing room from Luxury Antonovich Design is undeniable. This is due to the large variety of furniture and fit-out solutions, which our talented designers used for its decoration. Easy chic, designer taste and thoughtful layout are felt in everything: in the selection of fit-out materials, lighting sources, combination of shades. Everything suggests that a custom-made dressing room is an ideal solution for women of any status. 


The first thing that immediately catches the eye in this amazing dressing room by Luxury Antonovich Design is the abundance of light, spaciousness and light color furniture. In general, a beautiful combination of white and peach colors was obtained, which gives the room a special tenderness, femininity and warmth. Properly chosen lighting greatly affects the interior of the dressing room, as well as its ease of use. In order for the dressing room to have a pleasant and bright lighting, designers approached this issue seriously — they used a large number of spotlights built into the ceiling panels around the entire perimeter of the dressing room. 

In order to make the dressing room very beautiful and comfortable, our design team of Luxury Antonovich Design used mirrors and glass. Their advantage for this room is that they make the space much larger, and also allow to admire the look of the owner. As for the internal filling of cabinets, here you can see almost all the mechanisms that are currently used in the arrangement of wardrobe.