Leading Lady of Interior Design

Katrina Antonovich — Leading Lady of Interior Design

Katrina Antonovich — Leading Lady of Interior Design


Today, the name of the company Luxury Antonovich Design, which has existed for more than 10 years, led by its unsurpassed CEO, chief designer and architect Katrina Antonovich, has become a brand known in many countries around the world. From the USA to the Middle East, from Miami to Shanghai — everywhere you can find amazing projects realized in life, including both apartment and house projects, as well as offices, hotels, spa complexes, restaurants, beauty salons, as well as landscape design.

In addition to the development of the author's design, the company in the chapter with Katrina Antonovich is engaged in the repair of apartments and houses, as well as the construction of cottages and a complete set of custom-made furniture, sewing luxury designer curtains.


Katrina Antonovich develops luxurious projects, amazing in their beauty, unique and inimitable, which conquer at first sight. Working in different directions — from the pompous baroque and tender neoclassicism to the modern high-tech — always reflect the inimitable mastery and worthy author's style, radiating comfort and harmony.

When a talented designer works on the creation of the best interior, it becomes exclusive, like a real work of art. Refined interiors from Luxury Antonovich Design, headed by Katrina Antonovich, will appeal to the most demanding people with a delicate sense of style and beauty.


All design works are performed using computer technology on professional equipment. The demonstration material complies with international standards and includes the construction of full-color computer models.

At the request of the client the team of designers by Katrina Antonovich develops a competent architectural design of a building of any degree of complexity. All work, which requires the architectural design of buildings, is carried out in stages.

The projects from Katrina Antonovich have been developed taking into account the design features of the buildings, their location in the architectural environment, environmental influences, natural lighting and attentive attitude to the wishes of customers. Great importance is given to details that maximally emphasize the individuality and uniqueness of the designed space.