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Elegant Dining Room Interior

Katrina Antonovich - Superb interior planner

Katrina Antonovich - Superb interior planner


Your dining table is one of the main spaces in your home. The interior design of your dining area should be considered when you're planning to build a home. It's a reflection of your style and character which will represent you and your taste when it comes to interior designing. The practicality of your dining room should also be considered especially with the expensive elements that will be placed in it. Luxury Antonovich Design is a master of dining room interiors. They develop each space with a different setup but with the same functionality and elegance. If you are aiming to revamp your dining room interior space, or you are simply building a new home, then get ready to browse into one of the best dining room designs by Luxury Antonovich Design. The dining room is one of the main areas in your home and the professional designers of the company will make sure that you'll have the best dining experience. 


Showcasing the interior of your dining room sets up a focal point to the entire area. In this design, you will see that there are three chandeliers hanging in the middle of the ceiling. This adds accent to the dining area and it exhibits a great luxurious style. The windows will add a scenic view while you dine in your eating space. The addition of the beautiful curtain that drapes from floor to ceiling adds a dramatic look in the dining area. You will also notice that there is a small side table that is installed in the dining room that is meant for preparing the food and drinks before it is served to guests. The design above is based on a classic elegant style.

These are some the elements and factors to achieve the classic elegant dining area. 

  • Walls and carvings: You will notice that the walls and carvings are designed with intricate details. This creates a perfectly decorated dining space that has a classic factor. Every detail with every house is different because the designers in Luxury Antonovich Design wants you to have a unique space that is personalized and characterized by your style. 
  • Dining set: The dining set is designed in blue which is an amazing color for tranquility. Blue is a very serene color and it makes a calm vibe inside the dining area. Paired with the marble table which resembles a rich and vibrant look.

Your dining room design is a reflection of what your style is. Luxury Antonovich Design aims to create a dining space of perfection for their clients to ensure an amazing experience. These designers will make sure that the interior fitting is coordinated and updated. Just take a look at these amazing work of art and passion to see how Luxury Antonovich Design can help you achieve your dream dining room.

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