Kitchen design takes into consideration three factors - aesthetic perfection, maximum functionality, and ergonomics.

It is debatable what a room in the house is the most important, and most favorite. But we take the liberty to say that this room is the kitchen. And this statement is closely related to the modern fashion trends in interior design. The most important trend that is very relevant for several years now, it is combining of kitchen space, dining area, and living room.And this applies to both large villas and houses and city apartments.Modern technologies allow organizing everything as comfortable as possible. The latest kitchen household appliances, powerful extractor hood, the original sliding systems. Designers are using all of these elements in the design of the kitchen. Kitchen design can be incredibly diverse in styles, colors and space organization. Photos of kitchens projects, that we have already implemented, you can see in the website portfolio, are always the perfect continuation of the overall interior design concept.

The next trend is associated more with the internal content of kitchen space.

This trend - creating maximum comfort using the latest storage systems and modern kitchen appliances.Behind the beautiful facades made of wood with carved decoration and gilding in the classic interior of today are hiding the latest gadgets.The kitchen is becoming an intellectual space that is capable of adapting to the owners of the house.

Regarding the color gamut, fashion is extremely democratic.Bright colors as well as natural textures is actual. Steel shades and pastel range. The main thing that every detail of kitchen interior is harmoniously combined.The photo of kitchen design can help to determine the future interior design. For its customers, Antonovich Design Studio develops exclusive interiors of kitchens. A photo of kitchen repair also becomes a moment of great tips on how to organize everything and build it.

A perfect final touch in the interior of the kitchen are the curtains.Curtains design for the kitchen can continue design option of a window decoration in the living room if we are dealing with joint spaces.Or could be an independent decision to harmonize the space.Curtains for the kitchen must necessarily be made of special materials with special properties. The choice of curtains will largely depend on the size and configuration of the window. In the interior of the kitchen can safely use modern blinds to suit any style.Blinds can be combined with classic curtains. The kitchen curtains complement its cozy mood.

Thanks to new technologies and materials today are practically no limits to creative designers. The kitchen can be a real gem of your interior and the most favorite place for the whole family.Even a small space can be arranged as comfortable as possible.A large area kitchen interiors are an excellent basis to create the perfect kitchen.