Designer kitchen from Luxury Antonovich Design designed with ergonomics and functionality of the interior, taking into account all the wishes of their respective owners regarding design. Kitchen design on the photo in the gallery on our website will help you decide the future interior design of your kitchen. Watch the most incredible and stylish solutions from a variety of interior designers, these decisions will contribute to the kitchen design be more useful, functional and beautiful. However, should take into account - the creation of a true high-end masterpiece involves the purchase of expensive furniture, fixtures, equipment, and the author's approach to the development of the look and functionality of this the design. Propose proper design solutions can only true professionals, wherewith are the salon professionals.

Employees Luxury Antonovich Design - really talented people with high qualifications and an impressive experience, they can consider customers wishes and elite character of the future kitchen. Thus be able to create a true work of art, transforming everything in the house.


Turning to a professional designer from Luxury Antonovich Design, you get a special project. Designed individually unique solutions in the interior of premium kitchens - class, which you can buy in the salon, have the following advantages:

1. The harmonious combination of separately taken items. Experts carefully are choosing configuration, internal filling of sections, decoration materials, household appliances, cutlery, textiles and lighting fixtures. The professional approach allows you to create masterpieces in a single concept, the details of which resonates with each other.

2. The functionality and absolute precision. Regardless of the area allocated for the kitchen and vision regarding the value and style, consultants are designing kitchen set with high accuracy. The objective is in accordance with each other element, and embedding in the room sizes. There is no unnecessary, inappropriate, or the interfering details.

3. Creative version. Specialists carefully studying the suggestions and selecting the best colors and textures for the space organization, are preparing the best accessories.

OFFER FROM Luxury Antonovich Design

Independently evaluate elite kitchens to order, you can by visiting our office in Dubai. In our gallery, there are a variety of models. Anyone can choose the one option that matches the taste and preferences.

Creating custom made kitchens has several stages:

1. Interviews with designers. They ask basic questions about the desired style, taste and preferences. These data and expensive accessories will form the basis of the future concept.

2. Creation sketches. Considering the demands of customers, we will implement their ideas and visions in a series of sketches, offering various variants of decoration space.

3. Carrying out measurements. Kitchen set should effectively fit into the expensive interior, directly on the site, we will measure the parameters of the room.

4. Creating an elite design - the project on the basis of the received data is developed along with the entire set of necessary documentation (drawings, specifications, plans, and layouts, etc.).

5. Manufacturing. Factory workers when received the technical documentation, pick up special items and make ordered kitchen set.

6. Procedures for delivery and assembly. At the end of the fabrication, we will promptly deliver to the object and assembly it in the shortest possible time.

Looking kitchen furniture? Do you want to have your dining space was made in elite style? Dreaming of a high functionality kitchen area? Please contact us convenient for you way. Contact details can be found in the relevant section website.