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Interior Design Emaar Apartment


Widely known throughout the world, the company of elite interiors Luxury Antonovich Design presented its next masterpiece project. We invite you to get acquainted with such a high-quality luxurious architectural work. Our team has provided these apartments with the best design solutions, such as combining incredible sophistication and aesthetics with maximum functionality and comfort. Here you can see, stylish colors, and designer furniture made from natural materials, and the convenience of each individual room.


It should be noted that the building itself is located in a prestigious area of Dubai. Despite the classic design, this apartment is incredibly good and calm, and the decoration made of natural materials allows to plunge into the natural world and get relaxation. As you can see, the walls of the house are decorated with wood and golden carved decor, and the floor is covered with natural stone and marble art panels, in the center of which is a handmade silk carpet. This distinguishes the apartment from most in the same style — everything is very organic and tastefully integrated into the overall design.



Subtle white and brown tones perfectly contrast with the royal blue of the upholstery of stylish furniture — armchairs and sofas in the guest reception area. To ensure that the corners of the room did not seem boring and empty, various decorative elements were used in key places, and the most striking accent is the large panoramic windows, generously decorated with exquisite silk curtains to match the furniture upholstery.


The house is made in accordance with the latest design trends, the best materials for fit-out are selected taking into account the uniqueness of design, absolute ease of use and comfortable content. Thanks to the white color in the interior, which acts as a background, the borders visually expand. On its canvas, the rest of the decor looks more expressive. Gold inserts are used in an actual and elegant setting, a pleasant shade of dark wood. Different prints were also used, mainly for home textiles. Its use makes the interior not only interesting, but also more comfortable and balanced, but at the same time festively beautiful.

The fantastic views of Dubai surrounding this building, provide it with the highest possible rating, further improve the quality indicators of the house. Each room has an atmosphere of harmony and modern sophistication. This combined the entire project into one whole — high-class services by Luxury Antonovich Design in the field of architectural art.


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