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Interior Design of Damac Apartments


We are glad to present to you an incredibly exquisite interior design — luxury fully-furnished ready-to-move-in apartments with elements of luxurious elegance — another successful project in the assets of Luxury Antonovich Design. This time, our specialists had to deal with spacious apartments located in one of the elite residential complexes in Dubai. The team has not changed its principles: special attention was paid to interior planning, the location of functional areas.


The stunning design of luxury apartments and houses from Luxury Antonovich Design is brought by glamorous chic of conceptual interiors, unbridled flight of imagination, exclusive decoration — the best projects for successful people provided by our company.

Clear lines, spacious, bright rooms and discreet luxury furnishings await you in premium class apartments that will meet you with a cozy atmosphere and cute decor elements. Modern fashionable interiors, the finest marble and leather, exquisite materials and rare woods, together with elegant home accessories, make this spacious apartment a magnificent home — a dream destination!



The apartments are planned in such a way that they are comfortable for both a large family and one person. Although the layout of the rooms may vary depending on the needs of customers, we have met all the basic requirements for apartments: spacious rooms, high ceilings, large windows and mobile spaces. Thanks to this, the idea of a standard of aristocratic housing, reflecting the luxury of architecture, is supported.


The expertly designed apartment complex is aimed at giving happiness, prosperity and love to everyone who lives in it. Neutral color gamut is another tool from the arsenal of our experts, which is indispensable in cases where it is necessary to visually expand the space. In this example, it is diluted with a few bright accents in the form of sofa cushions and luxury wall fit-out.

In general, elegantly laconic decor is enlivened by rich textures. We are talking, in particular, about the natural wood from which the flooring, wall panels and part of the furniture are made, as well as about the designer carpet in the living room and the stunningly beautiful pendant chandelier with ribbed crystal shade. The most expressive classic elements are sofas and armchairs decorated using the drapery technique.


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