Incredible Classic Bedroom Design UAE

Katrina Antonovich - the best interior designer


For those who love luxury and are keen to demonstrate their status and wealth in every possible way, the bedroom design in classical style by Luxury Antonovich Design is the best possible way. Classic bedrooms consist of a standard set of furniture where the bed occupies a central place.

If you want to create a full-fledged bedroom interior in classic style, you can not do without a beautiful designer semi-antique dresser, which you can find in Luxury Antonovich Design studios. This piece of furniture not only serves as a place to store clothes, but is also capable of emphasizing the interior feature. This type of furniture will be long in favor among lovers of exquisite classics. This format in the interior is easy to transform to your liking, change, play with the details. Therefore, every time you can create your own unique interior. A bedroom in classic style fully creates a cozy and relaxing atmosphere for its owner. Noble shades of natural wood on the facades like all connoisseurs of this type.


The choice of color palette for classic bedroom is quite conservative. In addition to the usual beige gamut on the walls, ceiling and floor our designers from Luxury Antonovich Design use rich and bright colors. Pastel, silver, turquoise isolate tones help bring diversity to the monochrome palette of this amazing bedroom. Elements of rich turquoise color can be seen in the soft upholstery of arm-chair, decorative pillows on the bed, the cover-sheet, and also in the upholstery of the headboard and amazing patterns on the carpet.

In the design of this classic bedroom quite expensive finishing materials are used. Our designers decided to use boiserie wall panels with moldings and linkrusta wallpaper, the relief of which is very similar to stucco. Thanks to all these elements, the project by Luxury Antonovich Design of classic room turned out to be so voluminous and expressive. In the project of the bedroom in classical style our decorators used a large amount of stucco in the decoration of the ceiling arches and cornices. It was also used in decoration of other decorative elements — mirrors, chandeliers and paintings. Patterns in the decoration are repeated in the decoration of furniture — bedside tables with carved legs. By emphasizing the area with the TV in a lush golden stucco baguette, our designers were able to divert attention from the technology itself. Massive golden stucco, classic chandeliers with crystal pendants where reflects all the luxury of the furnishings is fine enough to feel like a royal person every day.