Amazing Landscape Design Ideas

FORM OF ART by Katrina Antonovich

Landscape design is deservedly considered one of the art forms, as it helps to harmonize space, balancing typical urban elements in the form of buildings with nature. Gardening is a very important component of landscape design. The formation of compositions and design of reservoirs, the use of decorative buildings and the division of the land into functional zones are all interconnected.

The project of amazing landscape design from Luxury Antonovich Design allows you to see the future garden as it will look after all the work done. At this stage, our designers and architects can make adjustments to the design, offer additional options that will satisfy the client. The project of landscape design from Luxury Antonovich Design is the way for realization of your dream! The landscape design created by the hands of our masters is focused on aesthetics.

One of the main components of the landscape design of a beautiful house are green areas in the form of:

— lawns;

— individual trees and shrubs;

— groups of plants (flower beds).

The artificial components of landscape design include:

— Decorative ponds and fountains;

— Access and walking paths;

— Pergolas and parking;

— Garden sculptures and decorative stones.

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Katrina Antonovich —  Chief Designer of Luxury Antonovich Design


The tastefully organized landscape of a country house by Luxury Antonovich Design makes the space around the house harmonious and aesthetically pleasing, which contributes to a good mood and relaxation. The plot adjoining the house is, first of all, a zone for rest and relaxation. Its decor inspires creativity, helps to relieve stress and fatigue. Our designers decided to focus on comfort and aestheticism. The landscape design of the plot in this project by Luxury Antonovich Design fully follows all these principles. 

Soft sofas and swings with a canopy form a comfortable area for relaxing, chatting and reading. The street lighting that adorns this area is built into the pergola canopy, so, in the evening it creates the proper surroundings for cozy tea parties on the summer terrace in atmosphere of the gentle evening light. A flower bed with flowers and ornamental trees and palm trees allow your eyes to rest from the gray colors of the metropolis and enjoy the beauty of nature.

The fountains used in the landscape design of this project are located next to the recreation areas, with arbors and swings. They perform not only a decorative function, but also saturate the air with refreshing moisture and serve as elements of space zoning. Paths is one of the important components of this landscape design project. They are like the conductors connecting the separate zones of the country yard.