The Luxury Wedding Service gives exciting memories of beautiful weddings to our customers. The result of our experience is hundreds of classic and always unique wedding projects. Weddings in our implementation is an unforgettable event in everything - from the scenario to the wedding decor. Why is it worth contacting us?

There are three main reasons for organizing a wedding with the Luxury Wedding Service

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We can call ourselves leaders in the wedding business, specializing in wedding celebrations and ceremony. As a result of this approach, we have accumulated aunique experience that you will not find in other agencies.

You can always count on advice, answers to any questions - both in person and online.

The Luxury Wedding Service - all wedding projects - Made with Love. Any of your wishes will be fulfilled as accurately as possible, properly and on time. With all, even with the most demanding customers we always find a common language. To be useful to people and the world is our main rule.

We provide services not only in the UAE, we arrange weddings around the world.


We are really proud to have gathered the best experts who consider their calling an opportunity to give people exciting, memorable weddings that later become a true family legend. You will be amazed at the number of options and individual approach to each client.


Only original ideas and sincerity! We do not use templates and obsolete scenarios for your celebrations. Turning to us, you can be sure that you will get not just a ceremony, but an original synthesis of the scenario and respect to the sacrament of marriage. A lot of impressions and enthusiastic feelings of guests are guaranteed to you!

Weddings that we do are not like anywhere else's, they always have "name", perfect style and a fashionable look.

Control and system approach

Over your celebration will work a team of professionals of the highest level. You can at any time receive a report on actions and make sure of the high level of work. Honesty, openness, and mood of our team will determine the success of your event and warm memories that will remain with all guests.


The comfort of the client is our main goal. The wedding will not turn into torture for you, it will not become a test of will and nerves. About all the preparations we will take care of - you will only need to approve the proposed options. Everything - from finding the perfect wedding location to inviting artists - the task of the wedding organizer.


Responsibility and completeness of information. Working with us you can be sure of the transparency of all operations. You will have full control over the wedding estimate, as well as opinions of our experts, which will allow you to compare the proposed options and understand, of which components the price consist.

Trust and openness

Trust and openness when working with a client are a prerequisite for a successful wedding. We strive to achieve the most open and trusting relationships in order to get the maximum mutual understanding.