Arabic house design ideas that offers for clients the Luxury Antonovich Design design studio reflects the great tradition of eastern culture.

Lovely east coloring, we take as a basis. The Arabic house style is one peculiarity - a clear adherence to religious canons, respect for the traditions of their ancestors, and the preference of the subjects hand-crafted decorations.

Arabic house style - is, first of all, an ideology of respecting Muslim traditions and holy book - the Quran, which was forbidden to translate into other languages - were taught the Arabic language. The Qur'an prohibits the use of images of people and animals, so the Arab culture are no sculptures and paintings, and the main feature of the interior is rich in ornamentation - specific ligature Arab ornaments - arabesques, which are a set of strict geometric shapes, decorated with floral motifs. Arabeski is created using mosaics and murals on the plastered walls and vaulted ceilings.

Art fantasy of talented interior designers develop quickly and rapidly, as well as a growing understanding of our wonderful customers. Palaces and villas of unrivaled beauty, are surrounded by luxury, surrounded by a beautiful landscape scenery with shady gardens and fountains, exotic birds and pavilions. Talented designers and architects achieving the goal of filling the romance of nature into architecture and interiors, combining green spaces and water bodies with architectural masterpieces.

In the Arabic house style, special role played by rich and bright colors: gold-plated, white, red, blue and green.

The walls and ceiling in the Arab interior are made from panels of different types of wood. In the carved ornaments, in the patterns on the ceiling and on the floor is dominated by the geometric shapes in the form of rectangles, diamonds, stars and floral motifs. Walls can be decorated with expensive fabrics (velvet, brocade, moire, organza, silk, velvet) or natural luxurious carpets. In the floor decor, may be present natural mosaic and marble with the noble motives. An excellent example of this oriental floor design became famous Mosque in Abu Dhabi.

For Arabic house style, we always offer such a beautiful thing of decoration and warmth of home comfort as the Persian carpet. Such luxury carpets will be your family heritage, passing through generation.

Doorways - in the form of lancet arches, decorated with architraves with carvings and ornaments. Doors can be with elements of forged lattices.Furniture in the Arab interior also has some peculiarities. The main thing of the eastern interior - low and wide sofas, which are upholstered in silk, satin or camel skin. Furniture should be made of fine wood. In the Arab tradition of decorating are embossed inserts of brass, hand-painted, a mosaic of small tiles with gilding or enamel. Perfectly fit into Arabic style commodes, chests, low coffee tables, and consoles.

Create an interior in the Arabic style from Luxury Antonovich Design Studio will give unforgettable moments of relaxation and socializing, allows you to enjoy the beauty and refinement of the East. Arabic interior always looks elegant and welcoming, it creates warm, cozy atmosphere in the home, restaurant or sauna in which you want to return to gain strength and energy.